Finally catching balls again

Zetterer on the road to recovery

Michael Zetterer is finally smiling again (Photo: WERDER.DE).
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Thursday, 11.10.2018 // 15:28 Uhr

Michael Zetterer has had a long injury lay-off. In November 2017, he had to have another operation on his left wrist, but he’s fighting his way back. “Being able to wear gloves again is a lot of fun,” said the goalkeeper.

When you see Michael Zetterer out on the pitch, you realise how happy he is to be back in action. He’s been out for a while, after he suffered a serious injury and then complications arose with his surgery. At one point, “Zetti” had to go a few weeks without playing sport at all. “It’s brutal when you stop training and you’re suddenly not allowed to do anything. The period of time when I was told to just rest was really difficult,” said Zetterer.

After a seemingly endless period in the weight room, the goalkeeper has been back out on the training pitch since the end of June. However, he needs to get back into things slowly. Zetterer is working with Jens Beulke on the road to recovery, but he’s also been doing some catching practice in between. “I’ve noticed how my mood’s improving and how much fun it is to get closer to my goal bit by bit. I’m still working individually at the moment, but I feel like part of the team,” said the 23-year-old.