Not a fanboy, but he loves Vapiano

Josh Sargent picks his favourites

Josh Sargent has made his first Bundesliga start and signed a contract extension in the last week (Photo: WERDER.DE).
Wednesday, 27.02.2019 // 08:34 Uhr

What a week for Josh Sargent. His first Bundesliga start again Stuttgart was followed by a contract extension at the beginning of the week. The US-international will be staying with Werder for the coming years. In an interview with WERDER.DE, Sargent discussed his youth, favourite songs and sweets as he chose his favourites.

1. My favourite typical American food: “I would say a good, old-fashioned American burger, even if I can’t eat them during the season. My favourite is a bacon cheeseburger. I know a few really good places to get a burger. There’s a chain called Five Guys in the USA and the bacon cheeseburger there is really really good. On the West Coast, there are In-N-Out restaurants that are also very good.”

2. My favourite sport to watch: “I like to watch NBA the most, aside from football. I played myself when I was younger and I just love the sport. I find it very entertaining how the game is played in the American league.

Josh Sargent scored on his Bundesliga debut (Photo: nordphoto).

3. My favourite team in the NBA: “I’m a big fan of LeBron James, so I follow the team that he plays for. Outside of that, I like the Boston Celtics a lot. Obviously just because they play in green and white (laughs).

4. My favourite series: “My all-time favourite was a while ago, but I really liked it – Breaking Bad. At the moment I’m watching Money Heist. It’s about robbing a mint. I’m watching the second season now and it’s getting better and better. There’s two seasons on Netflix up to now, but I think the third is coming. I’m looking forward to it.”

5. My favourite player as a child: “Like I said, I like LeBron James a lot. He dominates his sport and he really takes care of his body. He’s a good person with strong principles off the pitch too. I really like him. In terms of football, Wayne Rooney is probably my biggest idol. I like how he plays and how hard he works.”

6. My favourite debut: “(laughs) My debut in Bremen was something very special, my head was spinning after the game. It was all crazy, and I feel really good sometimes when I think back to it. I’m not just saying that here in the interview.”

7. My favourite sweets: “I don’t know if I have an absolute favourite, but I like Skittles – so if I had to pick something, I would probably say that.”

Josh Sargent likes hip-hop in his pre-game playlist (Photo: DFL).

8. My favourite shirt I’ve swapped: “To be honest, I don’t really go and swap shirts after a game. I don’t know why, but I’d feel like I’m a bit of a “fanboy” - but I’m not saying it’s wrong to do it! I know it is quite common in international games or matches in Europe, but I’m not sure whether it’s normal in the MLS. I’ve swapped shirts with my national team-mates Christian Pulisic and Bobby Wood; they are my two favourite jerseys.”

9. My favourite place in Bremen: “I’d probably say Vapiano in the centre. I go there quite often and a lot of the other younger players are always there (laughs). I think we’re too lazy to cook something for ourselves and the pasta dishes there are quick and they’re not unhealthy – it’s easy, comfortable and tasty!”

10. My favourite pre-game song: “That’s an easy one. ‘Till I Collapse’ by Eminem. It gets me going and when I listen to it, I feel focused and ready for the game. I’m basically a big Hip-Hop fan – as well as Eminem I like J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar”

11. My favourite city in the world: “I really like London, the only thing is that there are so many people. But whenever I go, I find it very cool. I’ve been three times and I really liked the architecture, such as buildings like Big Ben. I also loved to go on the London Eye and take in the history of the city – I just think it’s really cool.”