“Werder could play with a diamond”

Tactical changes to be expected

[Translate to Englisch:] Florian Kohfeldt schätzt die offensiven Vorzüge der Mittelfeldraute (Foto: nordphoto).
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Friday, 09.11.2018 // 10:35 Uhr

Von Daniel Gerdes

Flexiblity is an important trait which has been useful for Werder so far this season. Whether the team plays 4-3-3, a flat 4-4-2 or the traditional diamond, the different formations have the potential to shape Werder’s game. Thus it isn’t surprising that head coach Florian Kohfeldt has a number of plans in his head for every games.

One popular alternative that Kohfeldt likes to use is a midfield diamond, which is a well-known formation at Werder. “There are plenty of attacking opportunities that come with the diamond. The two strikers tie up the defenders, who as a result cannot push up. We are comfortable using the diamond as we can combine play with as few touches as we need”, described Kohfeldt.

The diamond is a popular formation among Werder coaching staff. (Photo: nordphoto).

Kohfeldt explained: “We definitely have the players to play this system – Martin Harnik has shown recently that he can play in the centre.” The amount of fit and able strikers available to Kohfeldt offers him more variations, such as the 4-4-2 diamond. Kruse could play as one of the two strikers or play behind them and Johannes Eggestein could play as an attacking midfielder, a box-to-box midfielder or as a winger.

Kohfeldt isn’t prepared to reveal yet, whether or not Werder will play a midfield diamond against Gladbach. He revealed: “We need to be able to mix up our system. It will often only be possible to get the ball out to our full-backs and our opponents will also work out ways of dealing with our formation.” One thing is for sure though: “We will play with confidence and be brave. We have a clear plan for the game on Saturday and we want to make it clear to Gladbach that we will have the ball and will do something with it.”