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Claudio Pizarro answers questions on Twitter

Claudio Pizarro took some time to talk to his fans on Twitter (photo: WERDER.DE).
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Tuesday, 07.08.2018 // 14:21 Uhr

Whether it be playing in a friendly in Lohne or on the training field in Grassau, everywhere he hears the chanting of his name. Claudio Pizarro is as closely tied to Werder as green and white are to the club crest. The fans certainly aren’t holding back their love for him since his return.

Despite, or perhaps precisely because of, his 39 years and wish to spend his last season at the Weser, Pizarro himself is also thoroughly satisfied. He doesn’t have to worry about those new-club nerves; Werder already feels like home for him. He’s also integrated into the team seamlessly.

Claudio Pizarro is putting in 100% on the training pitch (photo: WERDER.DE).

It’s the same whether it be before, during or after training. ‘Piza’ talks about his teammates a lot. He wants to give something back to Bremen in his last season, especially to the young striking talent, who can learn from his incredible playing experience. “It’s something very special to be able to end my career at a team that has given me so much affection,” he says openly.

Pizarro very clearly lives in the present, and takes time out for his fans. This was especially clear yesterday, when in his free afternoon he did a Twitter Q&A on the official Spanish Twitter account, pretty much answering every question. “My wish is to have a strong and successful year with Werder,” he wrote. “I will also stay connected to the club afterwards, that’s clear. I don’t exactly know what that will entail yet though.”

That’s not the priority at the moment, however, because for Claudio Pizarro and the Werder fans, the present is all that matters. All eyes now are on the upcoming Bundesliga season.


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