Klaassen: “If you want to achieve something, you need pressure”

Davy Klaassen is looking forward to the Düsseldorf game. (Photo: nordphoto).
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Wednesday, 05.12.2018 // 14:53 Uhr

After five games without a win, there is some pressure on Werder to get the win over promoted side and bottom-placed Fortuna Düsseldorf on Friday night. “We need to win and will win,” demanded Florian Kohfeldt after the Bayern game. Davy Klaassen backs up his manager’s desire to win the game.

“I’m used to being under pressure,” said Klaassen. “Last year at Everton I was under an enormous amount of negative pressure.” After a difficult start to the season, the Liverpudlians were at the wrong end of the Premier League table. But Klaassen feels that the current situation at Werder isn’t the same as the one he had at Everton. “I think we are under positive pressure at the moment.”

Davy Klaassen gives his thoughts ahead of Friday's game. (Photo: nordphoto)

After several excellent performances at the start of his Werder career, Klaassen hasn’t been able to put his stamp on recent games as much, something which he is critical of: “Obviously I’m not satisfied with my performances, as I’m not playing as well as I can. Nevertheless, everyone will go through a bad of form in a season. I’m working hard to get back to my best.”

Despite all of that, the Dutchman was quick to emphasise that the team’s mood is still good and that the side are still eight in the table. “If you want to achieve something, then you need to be under some kind of pressure.” A win on Friday night (20:30 CET) would get Klaassen, Kruse & Co. right back on track. “We aren’t far behind the top seven”, stated the 25-year-old, who finally added, “I have a good feeling for Friday.”