Not content, but proud

Reaction to the Dortmund game

Florian Kohfeldt was proud that his team came back against Dortmund (Photo: nordphoto).
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Saturday, 04.05.2019 // 22:24 Uhr

Werder picked up a point against Dortmund, and it’s still possible to get Europe. “I’m not content, but I’m proud of the players. That’s not a contradiction. Even though we didn’t have a good first half, we came out and definitely wanted to win the game. We would have deserved to win it and we had the chances to. But I’m not content, because we wanted to win due to the table and we didn’t convert our chances to do that,” said Florian Kohfeldt.

On the game:

Marco Friedl played right-back for Werder (Photo: nordphoto).

Marco Friedl: “After the way the game went, we live with 2-2. We wanted to win the game, so we’re not content. We didn’t get going at the beginning and we left too much space in behind. We spoke about that during the break and did it really well in the second half.”

Maximilian Eggestein: “We spoke about how we needed to be braver at half time. We know that we never give up at home. We were convinced that our plan would work if we were braver. That worked.”

Frank Baumann: “I didn’t think the first half was that bad. Despite Dortmund’s strength, we tried to play football. Dortmund weren’t running the game. But we were going for the ball without cover and then you concede goals. We have to sort all that out properly. Dortmund are very well-equipped, so I have to pay a massive compliment to our players.“

Florian Kohfeldt: “It’s a difficult game to assess, but we got a well-deserved point in the end. The first half wasn’t so good. Individual things worked, but we didn’t do enough without the ball as a team and we didn’t block the number 6 position. They were things that we spoke about at half time. I can’t really say a lot negatively about the second half, we were there, we had chances to win the game.”

On the potential penalty:

Marco Friedl: "I didn’t see the situation during the game, nor have I seen it since, so I can’t say anything. For the second goal, I don’t think it was a foul. That was frustrating."

Florian Kohfeldt: "I also think we should have had a penalty for the handball, especially in the context of the season. The ball travelled a fair distance, it wasn’t deflected. It’s a clear handball. But I’d like to be quite clear, I’m not blaming the referee at all. He was very calm with me at the break when I was really angry. But we’re the ones, according to Markus Merk, that need to restrain ourselves and go back to normality. It’s tough to keep your composure. But we’re not going to play the victim card and make a big drama out of this. It’s just wasted energy. We’re talking about a few decisions. If I had the feeling that they were intentionally going against us, I would be throwing bottles all over the place. But I didn’t have that feeling.

Frank Baumann: "It doesn’t help us at all to start talking about the handball after the match. Anyone who has played football will see the situation differently. But Mario Götze watches the ball come a long way, tries to stop it and makes his body bigger. It was a penalty for me."

On the chances of Europe:

Kevin Möhwald: "Of course it’s difficult, but we need to focus on ourselves, get six points and then wait and see."

Max Kruse: "It’s an all-or-nothing game for us in Hoffenheim. We’re going there to win."

Marco Friedl: "It will be tough because there are still two games left to play, but next week anything is possible. We need to perform. We’re happy to still have a chance. If we win both games, I have a good feeling we’ll do it."

Maximilian Eggestein: “We have to keep believing. No-one expected any more of us after the winter break and now we still have a chance of Europe just two games before the end. You can see where we stand, but we need to keep finding these performances consistently.”

Florian Kohfeldt: “The point doesn’t really help us. But it keeps it realistic for us. The others are obviously in a better starting position. We need six points. I’m looking forward to the games. We want to go up against the best, and we have to win in Hoffenheim if we want Europe. They’ll be massive games. I want it to still be possible against Leipzig and things happen on the final matchday that you can’t predict. The starting position has got worse in terms of the table, but mentally a little bit better. We have a direct competitor, who is obviously strong, but so are we.”

Frank Baumann: “The result today was important psychologically.”


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