“You make the difference”

Leverkusen post-match reaction

A clear message from the team to the fans – Thank you, you make the difference (photo: Heidmann).
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Saturday, 05.05.2018 // 20:04 Uhr

After the game, the team held a banner up on the pitch. On the banner was the message: “Thank you. You make the difference.” A message to the Werder fans, who, with their incredible support, have helped the team to make the Weserstadion a fortress. The Green-Whites have now gone 12 league games unbeaten in a row and so have not lost at the home for the entire second half of the season. “It’s been great teamwork between the fans and the team. Our fans have been unbelievable for the whole year,” Zlatko Junuzovic said, after playing his final game at the Weserstadion.

WERDER.DE put together all of the reaction to a hard-fought game at home.

On the way the game played out:

In the end, the Green-Whites were held to a goalless draw (photo: nordphoto).

Florian Kohfeldt: “It wasn’t really a game for the spectator today. It was a day when not much fell for us and passes were over hit. But it is also a quality, to be able to get a point against such a top team. Both teams defended very well today so I am not that unhappy with the result. We can’t be happy with our attacking performance today, but the defensive display and the way we fought was great.”

Sebastian Langkamp: “It was a good result against a strong Leverkusen team. Both teams didn’t get much going today. It is always a bit strange at the end of the season when there isn’t as much to play for. You could see that the strength wasn’t there. We made too many mistakes but we are happy with the point.”

Maximilian Eggestein: “You have to consider that Leverkusen are fighting to get into the Champions League. They have a lot of individual quality and so a draw is a decent result. But we always go into a game wanting to win, it is just a shame that we didn’t do that today. It wasn’t a great game today though, with not many goalscoring opportunities.”

Thomas Delaney: “We weren’t alert enough, we were always a step off the pace and we made a lot of mistakes today. I would’ve liked to have seen us play better today but we’ll make do with a point.”

Zlatko Junuzovic: “It was quite an intense game. Leverkusen played with a lot of variety, switching positions quite a lot and always looking for the gaps in the defence. So they made life difficult for us. We didn’t do enough going forward and we didn’t create enough clear-cut chances.”

On maintaining the unbeaten run at home:

Maximilian Eggestein didn’t duck out of any challenges against Leverkusen (photo: nordphoto).

Zlatko Junuzovic: “We managed to preserve our unbeaten record at home and go the entire second half of the season unbeaten at the Weserstadion. It means a lot to the fans, they have contributed so much to the run. The whole package of us as a team and the fans makes it hard for any team to come here.”

Florian Kohfeldt: “It was a big goal for us, to end the second half of the season undefeated at the Weserstadion. The whole weekend when it’s a home game is special. We stay in a hotel in the centre of town, we travel through the fans to the stadium and we are given an incredible welcome. The fans are incredible, they stick with us even when the going gets tough. They have played a massive role in this run.”

Sebastian Langkamp: “We wanted to get at least a point here so that we could keep that record at home. We did that and we’re proud of the run. The fans make the difference at home because their support is unbelievable, they give their all and make sure that the Weserstadion is a fortress.”

Thomas Delaney: “The run has helped us to steer clear of relegation. It is a lovely feeling to go for half a year without losing at home. When we arrive at the ground two hours before kick-off, we are thrown into this incredibly special atmosphere and the opponents definitely feel it too. We need to take this strength we have at home on the road with us too, now.”

On the departure of Zlatko Junuzovic:

Goosebumps: Zlatko Junuzovic leaves the field to rapturous applause (photo: nordphoto).

Theodor Gebre Selassie: “I will really miss Zlatko. It still doesn’t feel real but when we come back after the summer break and he’s not here, it will be really strange. But that’s football. He will play somewhere else but we have become great friends here and I will continue to stay in close contact with him.”

Sebastian Langkamp: “I am really happy to have gotten to know Zlatko Junuzovic in the last four months. His departure is really sad, of course, but we need to respect his decision. Despite this, he is a huge part of this football club.”

Maximilian Eggestein: “It was a really sad moment. Zlatko Junuzovic has shaped this team. I can still remember my first season here, when he got 20 assists and just churned out free-kick after free-kick.”

On the final game against Mainz 05:

Florian Kohfeldt: “This season has been a huge effort. Therefore the players have got two days off and then we will have to squeeze all of our preparation into a few days but we will be fully focused on the game. I am looking forward to it and we want to win there and end the season on a good note.”

Maximilian Eggestein: “Both us and Mainz are now both clear of the relegation battle. We want to win so that we can take the positivity with us into the summer break and then come back still on a high in pre-season. We will put our all into starting the season well. We don’t want to have a poor start to the season like in recent years and fall straight into a slump.”

On Florian Kainz's injury:

Florian Kohfeldt: “He picked up a knock twice in the same place during the game. He was OK when he went back into the changing rooms but as he sat down, he felt the muscle go. So we had to make the change and now we’ll have to wait and see how it develops over the next few days.”