"We're frustrated"

Nordderby match reaction

Junuzovic celebrated his comeback in the 0-0 draw against HSV. (Photo: nordphoto).
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Saturday, 30.09.2017 // 20:11 Uhr

The wait goes on for the first win of the season. Despite their efforts, Werder could only manage a point in the 107th Nordderby against Hamburger SV. “We fought well and are obviously not happy with the point. We need to up our game going forward,” summaries Milos Veljkovic after the game. Werder.de rounds up more reaction from players and the coach below.

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On the game:

Philipp Bargfrede won several challenges in the Werder midfield (Photo: nordphoto).

Niklas Moisander: "As expected, it was a game with plenty of challenges. An even match between two teams with little confidence. The gap between the attack and midfield was too big when we tried to push forward, especially in the first half. The second half was much better, especially after Junuzovic’s substitution. We simply weren’t good enough."

Zlatko Junuzovic: "I think it was back and forth today. We hard control at the start of the first half, then HSV took over. In the second it was the other way round. Neither team wanted to make any major mistakes so for that reason the game was quite passive from both teams at times."

Milos Veljkovic: "It was a derby. In a game like that, anything can happen. We fought hard and can be happy with our defensive performance. But of course we are frustrated. The draw doesn’t really help us."

Alexander Nouri: "The first 15 minutes were good, but the free kick and header from Papadopoulos really broke up our game. We completely lost our rhythm and HSV had the upper hand for the next 45 minutes. It wasn’t until the final half an hour that we found ourselves again and could create more attacking situations. Nobody wanted to go behind, so both teams chose the safer options more often than not. There were plenty of long balls."

On the current situation:

Philipp Bargfrede: "We had expected more today. When you have more confidence, you go into situations a lot differently. We were missing that today; we need to get that back."

Milos Veljkovic: "We’re just not having the luck in certain situations. We need to continue believing and prepare to beat Gladbach. We have a great team and will turn the corner soon."

Zlatko Junuzovic: "The pressure increases with every game we don’t win. We know that. But I’m convinced that we can gather ourselves during the international break and prepare well for the next game.”

Frank Baumann:
"When I see how we defend and work as a team, I’m convinced we can get our first win against Gladbach."

On the goalscoring troubles:

Werder just aren't having the rub of the green in front of goal. (Photo: nordphoto).

Zlatko Junuzovic: "We need to start rewarding ourselves to make our lives easier. The team is good so I’m convinced that we can do that."

Niklas Moisander: "We need to improve a few things in our game, especially with the ball. We need to be braver. There were too few phases in which we created chances for ourselves."

Alexander Nouri: "We may have created a few opportunities, but we weren’t clinical enough. We need to work on that.”

Zlatko Junuzovic's comeback:

Robert Bauer: "We’re all happy that he is back. He can help us with his attacking qualities. It’s great when we have him and you saw in the second half what he can do. He really helped us."

Zlatko Junuzovic: "Just being back in team training was already a great feeling. It’s great to finally be back with the team and every nicer to finally be back on the pitch today. I’m obviously lacking a bit of fitness, but I’ll be back to full strength soon."

Alexander Nouri: "He found the solutions under pressure and initiated attacking opportunities. You saw today how important he is for the team."