"Proud of the way we played"

Reaction to draw against RB Leipzig

Florian Kohfeldt praises his team directly after full time. (Photo: nordphoto).
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Sunday, 15.04.2018 // 22:40 Uhr

After a hard-fought 90 minutes, Werder extended their unbeaten run at home to ten matches following the 1-1 draw with RB Leipzig. "I told my team that we can be disappointed not to have won, because we were definitely capable of doing so," coach Florian Kohfeldt told his team at the end of the match. "I’m proud of the way we played."

WERDER.DE brings you all the key quotes from the Weser-Stadion.

On the game:

Captain Zlatko Junuzovic returned to the starting XI today. (Photo: nordphoto).

Florian Kohfeldt: "Unfortunately we didn’t win today, so I’m not fully satisfied. But the way we played was very good. We matched a team playing for Champions League football until the final minutes. That was very close to what Werder Bremen aspires to and what we expect from ourselves. Anything could have happened in the second half. In total, we had more chance so I don’t think a win would have been undeserved."

Maximilian Eggestein: "I’m a bit annoyed. We played well in the first half, Leipzig didn’t have any chances. But we failed to score a second goal and kill the game off. Despite that, we played a very good game and in the first half we did everything according to plan. The second half was more open, with big chances at both ends. If things don’t go our way, we could lose that game, likewise with a bit of luck, we win. You can’t forget that Leipzig have huge quality in their team. But in the end we could have scored the winner, so it’s frustrating."

Zlatko Junuzovic: "In the first half we just have to score the second goal. In the second half we were too passive and gave RB too much room. But the determination to win was always there. We had the chance to seal the win in the dying seconds, but ultimately 1-1 was a fair result."

Frank Baumann: "We played very well in the first half. Then we didn’t come out as sharp after the break, but we still fought for the win until the final minute. We had a few good chances to win it at the end, but missed by just a few centimeters. Since day one, Florian Kohfeldt has told his players that we want to have the ball and be bold in possession. We did that again today and that’s the football our fans want to see."

Thomas Delaney: "It was an intensive match, we had good control in the first half. The second half was end-to-end, but we had no control at the start. After that the chances came back again."

Max Kruse: "We definitely had more in us, and not just because of how we played in the first half. We played a very good game and had lots of chances. Unfortunately we failed top scored more goals. We were fantastic in the first half, we had everything

Niklas Moisander: "We played very well in the first half. We had quite a few chances and should have made it at least 2-0. Both teams had chances in the second half. We could have done more, but we are proud of ourselves and and it’s probably a fair result."

On Niklas Moisander's goal:

Pure passion from Moisander, who got the Weser-Stadion on its feet with his opener. (Photo: nordphoto).

Niklas Moisander: "I don’t score very often, which is why I was so happy. It was a very good strike from Max, I saw that the rebound was falling to me. When I shot, I was praying that it would go in. The goal fell at a very important time for us.”

Frank Baumann: "Moisander took his goal fantastically. With his second chance he was caught out a little by the speed of the rebound. With a bit more luck it goes in."

On survival chances

Florian Kohfeldt: "I’m convinced that we will continue to pick up points this season with these performances and spirit. And then the teams below us won’t pick up seven to ten more points than us. But we obviously still need to pick up more points."

Thomas Delaney: "It was a typical match against Leipzig. If I’ve learnt anything, it’s that a Bundesliga match is never over until it’s over. We can be proud of this performance against a team pushing for Champions League qualification. But we always want to play to win, even though the draw is very important today."

Zlatko Junuzovic: "With this determination and mentality, we’ll definitely pick up more points from the final matches."

Maximilian Eggestein: "Points always help, even if we only got one."

Max Kruse: "I’m certain that we will have nothing more to do with the relegation battle if we keep playing so consistently. We will definitely get points like that. We would have been guaranteed safe if we had won, so we’re close."

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