Hard-earned luck

Frankfurt match review

Max Kruse and Werder are now undefeated in 10 at home (Photo: nordphoto).
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Sunday, 01.04.2018 // 20:03 Uhr

2-1! Three points! Fourth home win in a row and 13 points from a possible 15! Werder have been seriously impressive in recent weeks and showed in the game against Frankfurt just how tough it is to pick up points in such a competitive league. Werder however had their fair share of luck but worked hard for 90 minutes to earn that luck. 

WERDER.DE collected the thoughts from the players and coach after the game.


On the game:

Zlatko Junuzovic opened the scoring (Photo: nordphoto).

Maximilian Eggestein: “It was a tough game and both sides battled hard. It could have finished differently but in the end it was us that used our chances better and so the points will stay in Bremen this time round. Both sides changed their tactics three or four times during the game. We knew that Frankfurt are a very flexible side and they showed that today. Coach wanted us to occupy the centre of the pitch and I was in the centre of that so I had to relay all the information that the coach wanted to the players to know during the game.”

Zlatko Junuzovic: “It was a hard-fought game that we managed to get the better of. We changed our system a few times over the course of the game and everyone needed to keep a cool head because of that. We needed to stay concentrated, know our positions and make the right decisions. So I take my hat off to the team as they were always ready and willing to change the system. Both goals were very lucky but we worked hard to earn that luck so again I have to say thank you to the team for putting the hard yards in today.”

Florian Kohfeldt: “There were a lot of changes that took place on both sides during the game. In the end we managed to force the win albeit with a bit of luck. In my eyes it was a classic game with two very good teams. The momentum in the game always seemed to be one way then the next so there wasn’t really any phase where one team was under sustained pressure.”

Niklas Moisander: “Again today we played with aggression and a lot of confidence, which keeps growing each week. I think it was a balanced game that could have gone either way but in the end we got the lucky goal and with it the win so we’re massively happy about that.”

Ishak Belfodil: “Frankfurt is a very strong team but we never seemed to be on the back foot for too long and we stopped them from playing as well. It was an even game but luck was on our side.”

Thomas Delaney: “It was a tough game played at a very quick pace. Both teams had phases on top but I think that on the whole we were the better side and worthy winners. We came in to the game hugely concentrated.”

Frank Baumann: “I think that the game was played with a very high level of tactical nous. Frankfurt is a team hoping for Champion League football next year and we knew how hard this game was going to be. We worked very hard for 90 minutes and got that extra bit of luck that we needed to win the game.”

On the fourth home win in a row

Always relaying messages: Maximilian Eggestein (Photo: nordphoto).

Maximilian Eggestein: “We are proud of the record and that we got the win over SGE today. It wasn’t the prettiest match but it’s three points all the same.”

Zlatko Junuzovic: “We put into practice what coach told us. In every training session, every bit of analysis and before every game we have an idea of how we want to play and everyone is on board with that idea, which is hugely important for us.”

Max Kruse: “We are really pleased. Our performance and the points we have picked up in recent weeks clearly shows the run we are on. In the last six months under Kohfeldt we have matured a lot and keep moving forward as a team.”

Florian Kohfeldt: “Frankfurt are a really strong opponent, who played the best I've seen an away team play in the Weserstadion. The two teams out on the pitch today both wanted the win and we matched them for 90 minutes. I am proud of the boys and that we managed to get the win in the end.”

Thomas Delaney: “It’s always great when we play at home. Playing out on the pitch here is amazing. The atmosphere that our fans create is super. The pitch itself is also top-notch. I don’t know why but when we’re at the home at the minute we have so much confidence and we just have fun out there.”

On the table situation:

Again showed his class: Jiri Pavlenka (Photo: nordphoto).

Maximilian Eggestein: “Mathematically we are not safe yet, we still need to see how Mainz get on. A lot would have to go wrong for us to end up down in the bottom three but until we are mathematically safe that is our main aim.”

Max Kruse: “I hope that we have now managed to put ourselves out of the relegation battle. I would love to avoid all of that. Next week we want to continue our good form in Hannover in order to move further away from the bottom.”
Zlatko Junuzovic: “Despite the victory we still need to carry on picking up points, which will be our focus for the next few weeks. As long as we are not mathematically out of the relegation battle that will be what we aim for. We have the mentality of going out on the pitch and bringing our best performance every time. We are still looking to climb further up the table and win the next game, both of which we can do.”

Florian Kohfeldt: “Keeping an eye on what is happening below us is absolutely necessary. Automatic relegation is not realistic but finishing 16th and in the play off places is. Another win and the thoughts of relegation should go away. To do that we need to bring everything out onto the pitch on Friday.”

Thomas Delaney: “I don’t know if we are safe yet but it’s not what we think about. We go into every game, be it against Dortmund, Bayern or Frankfurt, with the aim of winning. That is our mentality.”

Niklas Moisander: “In the moment our table situation is very good and we can be pleased with that but nothing more. We still need to win more games. When we reach the 40 point mark then we can forget about relegation.”

Frank Baumann: “The relegation battle is still in the back of our minds. Today was an important step towards safety. There is no point in setting goals other than Bundesliga football next year. We need to continue picking up points.”

On Pavlenka’s performance:

Maximilian Eggestein: “It was completely unbelievable. He has saved us a few times before but the way he played today was simply incredible.”

Niklas Moisander: “He is so good and with his performance today he was the reason we were able to pick up the three points today.”

Thomas Delaney: “Today we had a couple of moments of luck – and Jiri.” 

Florian Kohfeldt: “Some might think that I’m used to it by now. He has shown similar performances since I took over as coach. All jokes aside though, his performance puts us at ease and gives me extreme confidence, which is great as a coach. He is impressive between the sticks but also with his feet in the way he builds our play from the back.”