Baumann: “Florian has our full backing“

Sporting director Frank Baumann is convinced that Florian Kohfeldt and his team can do the job (photo: nordphoto).
Friday, 10.11.2017 // 17:52 Uhr

Werder Bremen’s sporting director took the necessary time to meticulously assess all of his options, but it ultimately came down to one man. Florian Kohfeldt will remain as the Green-White’s head coach until at least the winter break.

WERDER.DE sat down with Frank Baumann to gain an insight into his decision process and the strengths that Werder’s new head coach brings to the table.

Frank Baumann interviewed various candidates over the past few days (photo: nph).

WERDER.DE: Frank, you have reached a decision in the search for a new head coach. Why was Kohfeldt your man?

Frank Baumann: “We decided that Florian Kohfeldt is the best option to lead the team until the winter break. We hope he’ll be successful in turn our fortunes around and get some more points on the board. We’re confident that he can do so with the full backing of the team and the fans. I’m sure that he’ll prove us right in the home game against Hannover 96. Florian is a huge coaching talent and has his experience in the Bundesliga and relegation battles will be a great help. He now has the chance to get some results under his belt, which is obviously crucial to have staying power in this league.

WERDER.DE: It’s unusual to be in a transitional phase like this until the winter break. Could this be problematic for Florian?

Baumann: “I’m convinced that it’ll be no problem at all - for the team or for Florian. Whether Florian is our head coach for the next five weeks or next five years doesn’t matter. He’s already had a big impact on the team. It’s now important that he translates that good work into points. This way of doing things also allows Florian to gain some top flight experience without any of the usual pressure that comes with the job. Our belief in him is so strong that we would love to have him involved in the club in some way in the future - no matter what happens over the next few weeks.”

We have more confidence in him than any other available candidate
Frank Baumann

WERDER.DE: How have the team reacted to the decision?

Baumann: “The team is behind the decision and they’re happy with the work the new coaching staff has already done. In our experience, the length of the coach’s contract makes no difference in the side’s engagement with him. There are many examples of teams that have found success when they’ve employed an interim manager. His leadership is probably his biggest strength. He now has the chance to prove what he can do in the tough stretch of games we’ve got ahead of ourselves now. 

Florian Kohfeldt encourages his team from the touchline (photo: hansepixx).

WERDER.DE: Will critics still call into question the Kohfeldt’s readiness for the job?

Baumann: It would be wrong to do so. We duly considered all of our options and interviewed some people as well. By the end of the process, it was clear that we had more confidence in him than any other available candidate to do the job. Florian is really looking forward to the challenge, and wants to make use of this opportunity.