Dancing around the kitchen

My Last Time - with Ludwig Augustinsson

Ludwig Augustinsson enjoys dancing to music when he's cooking. (Photo: WERDER.DE).
Last time
Monday, 07.08.2017 // 17:59 Uhr

A life without smartphones - for many, that's simply unimaginable. The Werder first team squad always take their mobile phones with them to away games, to the training ground and use them on a daily basis. 'My Last Time' puts the Werder first team under the microscope to see what they really do on their mobiles. Today's edition features Ludwig Augustinsson.

# My last call… was with my Mother. I moved house at the end of last week and my parents were here to help me. I ordered a washing machine and a few other things for the flat. They were being delivered when I wasn't in and when the delivery people were outside, they rang me and so I rang my Mother to let them in. I like phoning people and especially enjoy FaceTiming because you can see the other person.

# My last WhatsApp message… this is a boring answere, but again it was to my Mother (laughs). She didn't have her phone on her so I wrote her a message. Not very exciting, but the truth.

The last photo on Ludwig Augustinsson's phone. (Photo: privat).

# My last email… I need to think about that. I think my last email was to Nike, to clear up a few things. I don't use email that often. I prefer texting and using WhatsApp.

# My last photo… was one which my girlfriend took when we were at Katzenkaffee. But honestly I don't know why I'm making this gesture. That was in Schnoor when we were doing a bit of sightseeing.

# My last song… must have been Rihanna, 'Wild Thoughts' it was called. I like listening to music. Before matches, I like listening to good music when I'm cooking more than anything. Sound up, a little bit of dancing round the kitchen and cooking, I enjoy that. In the new flat I have a big balcony. I'm already looking forward to having a barbecue and listening to music. That's perfect. That's what 'life' means for me. 

# My last 'Like' on Instagram… was quite a while ago and it was on a picture of Michael Zetterer during the penalty shootout against Bayern at the Telekom Cup. I don't often 'like' photos, but I don't know why. My friends always ask me why their photos never please me. My girlfriend and my brother always ask me why I haven't liked their photos. But I see everything and do think they're good, I just forget to press the 'Like' button (laughs).

# My last post on Instagram… was also a long time ago. On 18th July I posted a picture of the Telekom Cup. I think it's time for a new picture.

# The last App that I used... I think that was the App 'Foodsensor'. That's a very professional App which shows me what I can eat and what I can't. I watch my diet very carefully and try to be professional in all areas. That's not my favourite App, but it is a very important one for me.# My last game on my phone… I only really play games when I'm bored. Sometimes there's no internet here in the changing rooms so I have a little play now and then. The last one was a football game. You have to run through plays and score. It's OK, but I've played it a lot and it's not much fun anymore.

Werder's new signing spends a lot of time on Instagram. (Photo: WERDER.DE).

# The last time that I willingly switched off my phone... I always turn my phone off at team meetings. I could also put it into flight mode, but I like to make sure. The last time was at a team meeting in Zillertal. We went straight from eating and I had my phone on me and didn't want to risk anyone calling me.

# My favourite App… I like Instagram a lot. Just scrolling through all the photos and seeing what's going on is a lot of fun. I would say I spend most of my time on Instagram.

# The last WhatsApp group that I wrote in…
I'm part of a few groups. The last one must have been the national team group. I think I wished someone a happy birthday in there.

# The feeling I had, the last time I forgot my phone...
wasn't a good feeling, I'm certain of that. I don't like it when people are constantly on their phones. A lot of people are like that now. When we're eating, then after a while everyone is just sitting on their phones, but that's normal. But for me personally, it's always a nice feeling to have it on me and to be able to check it every now and then. To see what's happening and to see if I've missed anything. When I'm at home I like putting it into flight mode, but that really is difficult.

# The last thing that I would do on my phone...
take it with me under water. I know that there's special equipment for that and some are even waterproof, but I don't trust that. What happens if it breaks...