“We can’t sit back”

Reaction to the Frankfurt game

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Sunday, 13.08.2017 // 01:05 Uhr

It goes without saying that the 2-2 draw in Frankfurt raises the question of whether it should be seen as a point won, or two points lost, on account of the fact that Werder went into the dressing room 2-0 up at half-time. Werder’s director of sport Frank Baumann admitted: “I’m torn. We should have won considering we had the lead, but we have to live with it now.” Manager Alexander Nouri on the other hand, was happy with the point given the early changes and tactical adjustments he had to make, as well as the considerable pressure that Frankfurt put on the team in the second half. “There was a bit of disappointment in the locker-room, but I take that as a positive sign,” said the Werder coach on his ambitious team, who would have preferred to finish the last three games with a perfect nine points. 

Werder. DE summarises the Green-Whites' reactions to the game after 2-2 draw in Frankfurt.

On the game:

Took no time at all to get going: Florian Kainz (Photo: nordphoto)

Maximilian Eggestein: “The first half was very tough. Frankfurt definitely had the better start and we were lucky to take the lead, and again so when it came to scoring the second goal. Grillitsch and Kruse both had chances to make it 3-2, but a point is about right. We can live with that.” 

Max Kruse: “Frankfurt really challenged us in the first half, but we scored two goals with two shots, and that’s just how we’ve been lately. Eintracht then came at us furiously, having not won for nine games running, and losing a number of those matches. Despite that, we have to play smarter and we can’t allow goals that get teams back in the game three minutes after the break. It was very unnecessary and frustrating that Frankfurt got a strong burst of momentum from it.”

Zlatko Junuzovic: “Frankfurt earned the point. It was tough for us fitness-wise, especially after the Schalke game, given how much we effort we put into that one. It was tough to make runs in behind the defence after a while, but we needed to be more aggressive offensively.” 

Frank Baumann: “The 2-0 lead came from nothing, no question. We couldn’t stop them in the second-half, and we couldn’t relieve the pressure as much as we needed to. It got better after they equalised at 2-2, and shortly before full-time we could have settled the game in our favour again.” 

Alexander Nouri: “We earned the point and I’m happy with the result given the early substitutions and the way the match went. The team showed that they had a lot of energy, which was impressive, and we took on the challenge and fought for one another. Obviously I would have preferred there not to have conceded to start the second-half, but you can’t control everything. I’m optimistic considering we stood strong and coped well with Kainz and Garcia coming into the game.” 

On the upcoming Northern Derby

Max Kruse: “We still have time before the Hamburg game, and we’ll use it to work hard. It’ll be a competitive match.”

Fin Bartels: “They’re always competitive games, which we always look forward to. We have to recover sensibly and then devote our complete focus to the match. Indeed, we’ll go into the encounter a bit more relaxed and with confidence thanks to our recent results, but we can’t give up a centimetre out there on the pitch, or we’ll lose.”

Zlatko Junuzovic: “We can prepare long and hard for the Northern Derby and there’s only one option: to give 100%! Hamburg are very strong. It’ll be a ferocious derby that we want to win convincingly.” 

Alexander Nouri: “We want to win the derby at all costs.”

On going eight games undefeated

Max Kruse: “There are highs and lows in football, and we’ve certainly experienced that this season. What’s important is that we work hard regardless, and never lose focus nor confidence, and that’s the case with us right now.” 

Zlatko Junuzovic: “We stayed undefeated today and have built ourselves a streak, and that was our biggest goal. We still have to improve on our performance, because under no circumstances should we be allowing a game in which we lead 2-0 to finish 2-2. The league is so tight that we can’t sit back. We have to remain totally focused.” 

Felix Wiedwald: “We couldn’t have anticipated acquiring seven points from the three games in the space of a week. If it were nine, especially considering the lead we held, it would have been even better, but we’re happy with the points we have.” 

Alexander Nouri: “The players are attaining the results through confidence and conviction. We’ve put in an enormous amount of effort and we have a lot of team spirit. We’re not allowing ourselves to be mislead from our goal of avoiding relegation. We have to continue collecting points, and there are still tough games to come to close out the season.” 

Fin Bartels: “We’re playing a lot differently to how we did in weeks past. I think that we’re on the right track. We showed a lot of courage in the last few days, and we’re heading towards securing our safety soon.”