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Psychology with Joshua Sargent

Joshua Sargent is looking forward to a "new challenge" (photo: WERDER.DE).
Saturday, 06.01.2018 // 16:53 Uhr

Football is psychological! Games are won and lost on mentality! There does appear to be more to these phrases than mere metaphorical value. Whether a hot head or a cool character, players decide games from their own personal control centre.

WERDER.DE  is taking a closer look into the minds of our Green-White stars. Today’s interviewee: Joshua Sargent.

WERDER.DE: Are you an instinctive footballer or more psychologically orientated?

Joshua Sargent: "I trust my natural instinct on the pitch. I always try to find the space in the penalty area to give myself the best chance of scoring – what the coaches like to see (laughs)."


Dreaming of that first Werder goal (photo: WERDER.DE).

WERDER.DE: What was going through your head when you decided to come to Werder?

Joshua Sargent: "I felt welcome immediately. In the end, this feeling was the reason for my decision to join Werder Bremen. I was a long way from home back in the US as well, but that was just a different State. Now I’m in a different country with a different culture, so it’s really nice to feel so at home so many miles away from actual home."

WERDER.DE: You’re diving headfirst into a new adventure, so to speak. How much are you looking forward to Werder? 

Joshua Sargent: "I’m really very excited about the new challenge. Werder are a big club with fantastic support. I’ve already met lots of new people and hope to continue making new friends. I also took this step, however, to win as many games as possible." 

WERDER.DE: What goes through your head when you think about playing your first game for Werder? 

Joshua Sargent: "I keep having this thought: When I think about my first game, I hope I score a goal and make the fans happy."

I just try to play my own way.
Joshua Sargent

WERDER.DE: A header or with your foot?

Joshua Sargent:
Definitely with my foot, largely because I need to improve my heading (laughs). I’m working on that.

WERDER.DE: How do you make sure you stay calm in front of the opposition goal?

Joshua Sargent:
"So many things can go through your head during a game. I just try to play my own game and switch off from everything else."


Joshua Sargent at the Werder U23s training camp (photo: WERDER.DE).

WERDER.DE: Do you replay moments from a game in your head afterwards? 

Joshua Sargent:
  "Usually I watch clips of my game in order to identify what I could have done better. That’s my post-match approach: I try to draw conclusions so that I can improve."

WERDER.DE: And when you’re not training, how do you clear your head?

Joshua Sargent:
"Video games are my favourite pastime (laughs). I can really relax, especially with sport games, but obviously I also like to chill out with my friends or my girlfriend. When she comes to Bremen we will certainly explore the city."

WERDER.DE: What worries you?

Joshua Sargent:
"Moving to a new country isn’t easy. It includes having to learn a new language, but I see it all as a challenge which will help me grow as an individual."

WERDER.DE: With an unbelievable year behind you now, what has been the most unforgettable memory? 

Joshua Sargent:
"Oh, tough question. It would be impossible to choose just one. The U20s World Cup was exciting, I’ll never forget that. Leading the team out as captain at the U17 World Cup too, that was amazing. And, of course, I’m very proud of being chosen for the first team and receiving the award for best young player of the year. So there have been a lot of moments I’d call unforgettable (laughs)."