“It just never leaves my sight”

My last time – with Yuning Zhang

Yuning Zhang likes to take pictures of his weekly schedules (Photo: WERDER.DE).
Last time
Monday, 11.09.2017 // 15:36 Uhr

A life without a smartphone is unthinkable for many people nowadays, and the same goes for Werder’s players – it’s a constant companion on away trips, at training camps and just in everyday life. WERDER.DE puts one of the Green-Whites’ most important gadgets in the spotlight. In “My last time”, the Werder players give us a look into their smartphones. Today is the turn of Yuning Zhang.

# My last call... was from my dad. We talked about my provincial team’s loss and the next few weeks in Bremen. He said I shouldn’t be disappointed and should look to the future. His advice always helps me.

# My last WhatsApp message... I sent to my friends in Holland. I’m meeting Julian Lelieveld today; he’s a right back for Vitesse Arnheim. I sent him a quick message to let him know I’ll come round this afternoon.

# My last email... I wrote to an electronics store. I was asking about the delivery of my laptop. Unfortunately, they then told me that I have to wait two weeks longer because they’ve run out of stock – what bad luck (laughs)!

# My last photo... I took a picture of our schedule for the week today. I do that most weeks, so I have a quick overview of everything on the agenda.

# My last song... was by the Chinese artist JJ, but you can’t really translate the title into English (laughs). Apart from that, I like to listen to a lot of pop music.

# The last app I used... ‘We Chat’ – it’s pretty much the Chinese WhatsApp. It lets me stay in contact with my friends and family and have regular discussions.

# My last ‘like’ on Facebook... I don’t have Facebook (laughs). I’m mainly active on Instagram and post on there.

🙂:How long it takes? 😶:Two pens...

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# The last time I purposely turned off my phone... a really long time ago. At a dinner with my former teammates at Vitesse Arnheim, we decided to turn all our smartphones off for 90 minutes. We wanted to just sit down and talk. That wasn’t too bad.

Yuning Zhang stays in contact with his friends at home over 'We Chat' (Photo: WERDER.DE).

# The latest craze/my favourite app... We Chat. It’s really important to me to stay in contact with home. Also my banking app, whether I like it or not (laughs). It’s really hard to use, but it’s a must for me because I use it to sort out all my bank stuff.

# The last WhatsApp group I wrote in... was my Zhejiang teammates group. I reminded the boys that we should be proud of ourselves for reaching the final. And I wished Thomas happy birthday last week in our team group chat, of course.

# When I last forgot my phone... I just don’t forget it – that’s never going to happen (laughs). And if it ever did happen, I’d always go back to get it, unless I absolutely couldn’t.

# The last thing I did on my phone... I opened this health app on my phone. I don’t really get why you need this function, though.