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My last time - with Serge Gnabry

Serge Gnabry uses his mobile on a daily basis, more than anything, for music.
Last time
Tuesday, 18.04.2017 // 15:54 Uhr

A life without smartphones – for many, that would be unthinkable. For the Werder players, a mobile phone is a standard accompaniment on away trips, at the training ground and in everyday life. Above all, an iPhone or a Galaxy is essential, not just for the Werder first-team, but for Green-Whites all over the world. WERDER.DE takes a closer look at the Werder players and their devices. What they last used their mobile for, which App they use most and who they sent their last text message to. ‘My last time’ gives an insight into one of the most private and prized possessions – the smartphone. Today we talk to Germany international Serge Gnabry.

# My last phone call… was with Hannes Winzer, my advisor. We’re in constant contact and we chat a lot of with each other too. He was on holiday for a few days in Marbella, which was nice apparently. I would’ve liked to have been there too, but instead I had to stay here in cloudy Bremen (laughs).

# My last text message… was from Mr Volker Bahr, ‘your personal parcel delivery service’ saying ‘you have received a parcel’. He’s part of the housing administration who had taken my parcel for me.

# My last email… I wrote to the Supreme Online Shop. I had ordered something and hadn’t received it after a very long time. Fortunately it arrived yesterday. I don’t use email so much. 

I don't turn my phone off.
Serge Gnabry
Gnabry uses his phone a lot, but doesn't often write emails.

# My last song… was Teenage Fever or Skepta Interlude by Drake. I would say I’m a fan of his music, but I don’t listen to that much Drake at the moment.

# The app that I last used… iMusic. Sometimes I use Spotify, sometimes iMusic. There’s no real reason for this. I have Drake on both. 

# The last time that I free-willingly turned off my phone… That never happens. I don’t turn my phone off. If the battery runs out then it’s not a problem for me. I don’t go running for the charger in a panic. If my girlfriend then sends me a message, that’s too bad (laughs).

# My favourite app… is Slack. It’s a messenger portal where you can send information. I use it a lot at the moment, especially when I receive pictures and for social media. 

# The last whatsapp group that I wrote in… must have been the Germany U21 group. No it was the wedding group chat of one of my mates. Save the date. If I can make it, of course I’ll be there. 

# My last recorded appointment… was my Mum’s birthday on the 15th. Normally I keep all birthdays in my head, but I still write them down. I also write down other important appointments. 

# The feeling I had when I last forgot my mobile... That’s awful. You panic because you think you’ve lost your phone. But when I found it again, everything was ok. Sometimes I do forget it. 

# The last thing that I would do on my phone… use one of those pointless apps like iTunes U, Friends-App, Tips, Keynote, GarageBand etc. I’ve put them all into a separate folder called ‘Extras’ and I never go in there.