Hype of the derby on everyone’s mind

Kurzpässe an Karfreitag

Max Kruse is looking forward to the Nordderby but nobody needs to tell him why it means so much (photo: Heidmann).
Team Talk
Friday, 14.04.2017 // 07:16 Uhr

+++ The incentive could not be greater, things are hotting up and the excitement is building! Max Kruse is one man who certainly does not need an extra push to get himself up for the Nordderby, even as somebody born in Hamburg. “Nobody needs to tell me how much this one means. It’s all about the game on Sunday. We’ll fight tooth and nail to win it.” And the 29-year-old is fully aware of the ferocity of the game. “The hype of the derby is on everybody’s mind but we shouldn’t talk about it every day. We will go onto the pitch in peak condition on Sunday. We know what it’s all about and our focus is wholly on this challenge,” added Kruse. +++

+++ Bauer pain free: Just twelve days damaging his ankle ligament, Robert Bauer is right on track with his recovery. He told WERDER.DE about how he felt after his first training session back on Thursday. “I’m feeling good. I’m confident about my ankle and haven’t got any pain. Everything is pretty stable at the moment,” said the 22-year-old. Many Werder fans will certainly be pleased to hear this positive news. As well as having an incredibly supportive medical team by his side, one person in particular was especially helpful. “I was in contact via messaging with our physiotherapist Adis Lovic day and night. We agreed exactly how I had to go about things and what would be best for my ankle,” explained Bauer. +++

+++ Werder’s baby boom continues: Aron Jóhannsson has just become a father and Santiago Garcia is expecting as well. The Bargfrede family are also preparing for their second child and the father of the house was clearly bursting with pride. “It will be that time again in June and we’re having a daughter now.” This comes two and a half years after his son Elias was born in October 2014. +++

+++ Derby instead of family celebrations: Robert Bauer is a regular at church, and not just during Easter. The 22-year-old winger comes from a religious family and Easter is an important time for him. “Normally, my whole family goes to my grandma to eat on Easter and we celebrate the resurrection. Unfortunately I won’t be there this year,” Bauer told WERDER.DE.  However there is a crucial home game to be played in the Nordderby on Easter Sunday. Yet this is no different to previous years as the Bundesliga fixture list always includes matches over the Easter weekend. “Even if there were no matches on Easter Sunday, there would still be recovery work to do or another session. But I think that the match against Hamburg will also be a highlight,” said Bauer with a wink. +++