Aycicek: "I don’t know what the future holds"

The the second part of the year, things have gone from strength to strength for Levent Aycicek. (Photo: nordphoto).
Tuesday, 27.12.2016 // 15:31 Uhr

The loan deal has paid off for everyone involved. Levent Aycicek went out on loan to 1860 München and has now extended his loan contract until summer. The young talent has gotten the chance to gain more match experience there and play in a physically challenging league at 1860. The club has helped Aycicek to develop as a player in spite of the various managerial changes. 

The 22-year old took some time out to speak to WERDER.de about his year in Munich, 1860’s improved form and his contact with the Green-Whites.

Aycicek has made a significant step in his career playing at 1860 München. (Photo: nph).

WERDER.DE: Levent, the last few weeks have gone really well for you. You’ve scored four goals and provided two assists in your last eight matches for 1860. How are you doing in Munich?  

Levent Aycicek: I found it really difficult at the start. I didn’t really get a lot of game time. I got my first chance in the match against Stuttgart and since then I’ve started every game except one. I’m really pleased that things improved by the end of the year.  

WERDER.DE: Do you feel like you’re really part of the first team now? 

Levent Aycicek: It depends. I’ve started the last six games, however things can change quickly in football. You can just never switch off.  

WERDER.DE: Are you happy at the moment? 

Levent Aycicek: I’m happy for myself. I’m pleased with the goals and assists we’ve been getting, but I’m not happy with our league position. I hope we can improve in the second half of the season. We are a good team, but you have to really work hard in the 2. Bundesliga. We have to keep fighting.  

WERDER.DE: It’s been said that football in the 2. Bundesliga is more physical? Is that true? 

Levent Aycicek: You’re always put under a lot of pressure when your receive the ball. You have to think really quickly. It’s very tactical aswell though. There’s a bit difference between 2. Bundesliga and the Bundesliga though. I found that out straightaway.

Being strong in the challenges was exactly what my game was lacking
Levent Aycicek

WERDER.DE: Had you ever thought that one day you’d be living in Munich? 

Levent Aycicek: Everything goes by so quickly. There isn’t really any time to think about things like that. Everything was sorted quickly and then the next day I was playing in Munich. A lot of people had already told me that Munich is a great city. I didn’t know that I would make so many friends here though. I settled in really quickly and we do a lot of things together as a team.  

WERDER.DE: Do you find it difficult playing such a physical game when you are a small player? 

Levent Aycicek: I really needed to get physically stronger. I’ve always been better technically. It took me quite a while to get used to the physicality of the 2. Bundesliga. Now I’m physically fit enough, I’ve almost become a different player. I don’t just concentrate on my technical ability anymore, but also my physical ability. That has really helped me progress in this league.

Aycicek came up against his old teammates in the summer training camp (Photo: nordphoto).

WERDER.DE: 1860 München are always making the headlines. Is it hard to just concentrate on the football?

Levent Aycicek: I have to admit that I’d never experienced that before at Bremen (laughs). I didn’t have a new manager so often there. Vitor Pereira is our sixth manager in ten months, but you have to get used to that as a footballer. You have to just focus on the football and have a clear head when you play to do your best for the team.


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