Werder to play with Green Legend logo during ‘Veganuary’

Werder will wear this kit for six matches in January (Photo: W.DE).
First Team
Saturday, 02.01.2021 / 15:00

SV Werder Bremen have a new look to start the year. The green-and-whites will wear a special shirt in the first few fixtures of the year; in place of the regular WIESENHOF badge, Werder will instead wear the GREEN LEGEND logo across the chest throughout January. GREEN LEGEND is a new line of products introduced by the PHW Group back in October which aim to bring maximum taste from plant-based proteins.

The PHW Group wants to use the Werder shirt to bring greater attention to GREEN LEGEND through the media exposure of the six Bundesliga fixtures. Fitting in perfectly with ‘Veganuary’, Werder will wear the GREEN LEGEND logo throughout the entire month of January. ‘Veganuary’ is an international organisation and campaign which encourages people across the globe to eat only plant-based produce during January.

With their WIESENHOF brand, the PHW Group has been Werder’s main shirt sponsor since 2012. “We are obviously really pleased to wear this message on our shirts. Green Legend is something that fits us really well. We are really interested in the development of our most important partner. They want to boost their new products and we want to start this year in similar fashion by writing positive new stories. We want to lay the groundwork for that in our six January games wearing the Green Legend logo,” said Klaus Filbry, Werder Bremen CEO.

“We would like to use the partnership with Werder Bremen to increase awareness of our new plant-based products,” said Dr. Ingo Stryck, head of marketing for the PHW Group. “We are offering more and more high-quality protein products. We offer customers variety; alongside our poultry speciality we have also been offering vegan produce since 2015. That range will now be expanded by the Green Legend product line.”

Full enjoyment from quality plant protein

What’s special about Green Legend is that every product contains absolutely no animal products. That means that there are no eggs, milk or lactose in sight. Green Legend products are made from plants, with the full taste of the meat originals. In contrast with lots of other vegan products on the market, Green Legend also avoids adding soya, artificial flavourings, palm oil and coconut oil. Instead, the main ingredients are traditional crops like peas, broad beans, maize and wheat.

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