Baumann: “We completely understand the decision”

SVW’s sporting director on the postponement, the squad, and this week’s training

Frank Baumann discussed the postponement of the DFB-Pokal match on Monday (WERDER.DE).
First Team
Monday, 01.03.2021 / 18:27

On Monday afternoon, it was clear that Werder would not be making the long trip south to Regensburg for the scheduled DFB-Pokal quarter-final clash against SSV Jahn Regensburg. Following several positive COVID-19 test results at the club, the match was confirmed as postponed by the DFB. As the Green-Whites look ahead to a longer week of training, Frank Baumann sat down to discuss the postponement and other themes in a press conference on Monday afternoon.

Frank Baumann on…

…the course of the day: “We were informed very early this morning by Jahn Regensburg that they’d recorded some positive COVID-19 test results at the club. The communication we've had has been very good and very professional. They've been in close contact with their players, the DFB, and the health authorities over the course of today while we’ve been awaiting their decision. There were already indications that the health authorities would quarantine the entire team due to the number of cases at noon. As a result, we initially postponed our flight to this evening. There was still some uncertainty as to whether we should fly because a final decision could have been made tomorrow. However we have not incurred any additional costs and were able to cancel the hotel and flight free of charge.”

…the significance of the postponement: “We would have liked to have played tomorrow for a number of reasons. The momentum from the Frankfurt game would have been with us and would definitely have increased self-confidence due to both our performance and the result on Friday night. As well as this, the squad is looking very strong at the moment and everyone is currently fit. In this way, it's disappointing that the match has been postponed it is what it is. The focus now is on a longer week of training with the entire squad which is something that doesn't happen very often in the season. We want to use this week specifically to prepare for the game against Köln.”

[Translate to Englisch:] Frank Baumann beim Mediengespräch im wohninvest WESERSTADION.
Frank Baumann expressed his support for the decision to postpone (nordphoto).

…the possible date the match will be moved to: “That wasn’t the priority today. We'll have to wait and see what the situation is looking like in Regensburg and look at the calendar for both clubs. It's likely that they will have two games to make up so I can't say when the game will be scheduled.”

…the decision to postpone: “We completely understand the decision to postpone from the point of view of the DFB and the health authorities. We have said from day one of the pandemic that we will abide by all decisions from the authorities as closely as possible. Regensburg has dealt well with the pandemic so far and have had very few cases. It’s caught the club at a very unfortunate time, but we have to ensure that people’s health remains the number one priority.”

…the effects of the decision: “The effect of postponing games in the cup is not as decisive as it is in the league. From a sporting point of view, it doesn't matter too much when the game will be rescheduled to. Nevertheless, this shows that we still have to be very careful. Postponing games can make the calendar very full, but more important than that is that it shows to everyone in football that we must continue to be diligent. The pandemic is not over. Again, I would like to praise everyone at Werder for the way that they have strictly adhered to the hygiene regulations.”

…the plan for the rest of the week: “We will have an intense training session tomorrow to replace the workload of the cup game on the players. They'll have the day off on Wednesday, and then from Thursday we will be focusing on the game against Köln.”

…the squad: “Things are looking very positive for Ludwig Augustinsson, so he will be in the squad for Köln on Sunday unless anything unforeseen happens. With Michael Zetterer, we’ll have to wait and see over the next few days to determine whether he’ll be fit for the game.”

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