Side by side in relegation battle

Leonardo Bittencourt on Vogt, the fight to stay up and Hoffenheim
Leonardo Bittencourt and Kevin Vogt didn’t take long to settle in at Werder (photo: nordphoto).
First Team
Thursday, 23.01.2020 / 15:49

It has been a week and a half since new-signing Kevin Vogt made the move from Hoffenheim to Werder. His choice to join the green and whites was no accident and had something to do with a certain Leonardo Bittencourt. Before arriving in Bremen, the defender sought advice from his former teammate. “I gave him my honest opinion and told him that I’ve been enjoying my time here so far,” said Bittencourt. He wasn’t willing to give away how big a factor he was in Vogt’s decision but did want to declare that the team has welcomed a top-class defender.

Leonardo Bittencourt can look back fondly on his last few months at Werder Bremen. He feels at home, both on and off the pitch. “I don’t regret coming here for a second. It has been everything I was hoping for.” The only disappointment for Bittencourt would be the fact the team are currently engaged in a relegation battle. As positive as the 25-year-old is, he is also aware that it’s a difficult situation and says that he sees it as his job to help “climb out of the bottom three.”


He will be accompanied in this challenge by Kevin Vogt, but it remains to be seen whether the defender will feature in the game against his and Bittencourt’s former club. “He showed how important he can be for our defence in his first game. It ended on a bad note for him but we’re hoping he’ll be ready to go again on Sunday,” said Bittencourt, referring to the concussion that his teammate picked up in the final moments of last week’s match.

With or without Vogt, Leonardo Bittencourt has one goal on his mind: “staying up.” The team took a first small step towards reaching that goal with the game against Düsseldorf. “The sooner you get points on the board, the greater your confidence,” said Bittencourt. It may happen soon or it may take some time. Either way, all that counts is being “over the line” come full time on Matchday 34.

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