A change in perspective

Florian Kohfeldt on coaching from the bench and his return to training
Back to it: Florian Kohfeldt leads training as usual (Photo: nordphoto).
First Team
Friday, 24.01.2020 / 15:11

Boring. No other word comes to mind for Florian Kohfeldt when he looks back on his break from training over the past few days. “I’m delighted to be back with the team,” the head coach said cheerfully, after returning to training for the first time on Thursday.

However, it would be out of character for Kohfeldt if he didn’t look on the bright side after his short break from the team. “I took a very different perspective on coaching,” he said, after being forced to give his instructions from a seated position in Düsseldorf. “I really enjoyed it,” the coach said with a smile on his face.

Kohfeldt has now almost made a full recovery, and no longer feels any pain when he walks. However, he has some restrictions, “I have to be careful for the next week or two. It’s just how it is. It’s unfortunate, but it will be completely healed after that.” And, most importantly, Kohfeldt went on to say, “Now we can back to focusing on the game.”


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