Impressed by the fans

Interview with Senne Lynen

Senne Lynen giving an interview.
Senne Lynen looks back on his first weeks at SV Werder (Photo: WERDER.DE).
Saturday, 30.09.2023 / 10:00

Senne Lynen appears to have settled in well in Bremen and at SV Werder. The 24-year-old delivered a strong performance in the recent home win against Köln, in which he set up the match-winning goal. In an interview with WERDER.DE, the former Belgium youth international spoke about how he’s feeling more and more settled in his new home. He also discussed his time in the Jupiler Pro League and what impresses him the most about the fans.

WERDER.DE: Moin Senne, you made the move from Belgium to Bremen over the summer. How have your first few weeks been?

Senne Lynen: I’m really enjoying getting to know a new style of football, new people and everything that comes with moving to a new country. I’ve settled in well so far.

WERDER.DE: Have you been able to explore Bremen yet?

Senne Lynen: Not really yet, to be honest. I had a lot of appointments to go to when I first moved, so I haven’t had that much time. I usually spend time at home with my family.

WERDER.DE: So you and your family [Senne became a father for the first time in May] have been able to find a new house already?

Senne Lynen: Yes, we’ve been living in our own house for two weeks now. We still have to furnish it, and then after I’m sure we’ll have time to do some sightseeing in Bremen. At the very latest, we’ll be able to go to the Christmas markets (laughs).

WERDER.DE: It’s still early on in the season – what do you think about how the team and yourself have started into the campaign?

Senne Lynen: Overall, I think it’s been good. My first game against Bayern was decent, but not great. Afterwards, there were a couple things that I had to first adjust to and learn. That all went well and I was pretty pleased with the game against Köln. The most important thing, however, is that we won both our last two home games.


WERDER.DE: You completed 100% of your passes against Bayern but said afterwards that you’d have preferred for it to be more like 90%. What do you have to say about your 97.6% completion rate against Köln?

Senne Lynen: I’m not really that focused on the numbers, and obviously 100% is better than 60%. But I’m more satisfied with the 97.6%, because it means that I attempted more risky passes than I did against Bayern. For example, the assist to make it 2-1, where my pass did manage to find the man (laughs).

WERDER.DE: How do you get on with your teammates on the pitch, and how important is communication to your position as a defensive midfielder?

Senne Lynen: Fortunately, ‘football-speak’ out on the pitch, so instructions like ‘turn’ or ‘shoot,’ are easy to understand. I’ve also just started taking a German course, together with Olivier Deman. Your teammates have to be able to count on you out on the pitch, but that doesn’t have to do with language really, that’s more about your own performance.

WERDER.DE: Is there someone on the team that you got on well with straight away?

Senne Lynen: The first person that comes to mind is Romano Schmid. Purely because he talks a lot. He’s just a really funny guy.

It feels like you’re playing in the Europa League or at least the Conference League every weekend here in the Bundesliga
Senne Lynen

WERDER.DE: You could have played in the Europa League once again this season with your former club Royal Union Saint-Gilloise. Does it bother you a little that you’re missing out on that?

Senne Lynen: No. It feels like you’re playing in the Europa League or at least the Conference League every weekend here in the Bundesliga. I might be a little jealous next week though when the boys are playing in Liverpool (laughs).

WERDER.DE: What is the biggest difference between the Belgian and German league?

Senne Lynen: First of all, Germany is much, much bigger than Belgium, so everything is on another level. Some stadiums in the second and even third tier are huge, but they’re full most of the time too, which doesn’t even happen in France or Spain.

WERDER.DE: You were mostly playing against small clubs in small stadiums in Belgium then?

Senne Lynen: Yes. There are a few big clubs like Brugge, Antwerpen and Genk, but it’s mostly smaller clubs. They are always very tough to play against though, especially away from home.

“I’m excited to see how many fans come to Darmstadt”

WERDER.DE: Sunday’s game is against SV Darmstadt 98, who are newly promoted. Would you compare them to a smaller team in Belgium?

Senne Lynen: No, not at all. It’s very different. Darmstadt might have a smaller stadium than here in Bremen, but it’s still much bigger than most in Belgium.

WERDER.DE: There will also be a lot of Werder fans making the journey there. What has your experience of the away matches been like?

Senne Lynen: It’s crazy how many fans were in Freiburg or Heidenheim despite having such a long way to travel. Everything is full. Dozens of fans even welcomed us outside the team hotel. I don’t think that happens much in other countries. I’m really looking forward to Sunday and am excited to see how many fans come to Darmstadt.

WERDER.DE: Thanks for your time and all the best this season, Senne!

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