"My ego always comes last"

Marvin Ducksch speaks in the WERDER STROM Talk

Marvin Ducksch during the game against Wolfsburg.
Marvin Ducksch is no stranger to the Bundesliga (photo: nordphoto).
First Team
Wednesday, 10.08.2022 / 19:30

Marvin Ducksch was SV werder Bremen’s top scorer in the second division last season, achieving his personal target for the campaign. Now that Ducksch is back in the Bundesliga with Werder, he no longer wants to set any individual goals, but rather prove himself even more as a team player. “I just want to be successful with the team, I put my ego last,” explained Werder's number 7 on Wednesday in the WERDER STROM Talk live on Facebook.

WERDER.DE has summarised what the forward had to say:

Marvin Ducksch on...

... his return to the Bundesliga: “If you look at our first game back on the whole, it was very nice to play in the Bundesliga again. Of course it's a different level of quality – you can notice it right away. I think we did very well as a team, but unfortunately we didn't reward ourselves with three points. As a striker, I need to be involved in goals, but I also try to help the team in other ways, whether that’s sprints to track back, defensive work, or making runs. I think I did that quite well in the first game. I think first-division football suits me before you get a bit more space. The closer you get to the goal, the more players come. We've already said that we’re probably not going to be reaching 50 to 60% possession, so we'll have to adapt. In our next game we’re up against a team who’s probably at a similar level to us and also plays a similar system. It's going to come down to the little things. If we make fewer mistakes than in the first game, we will have a very good chance.

... pre-game preparation: “Every player has their own ritual, whether they’re aware of it or not. For away games, I listen to music on the bus. I use the time before the game for myself, I do breathing exercises before I go out; that helps me. For different situations, like excitement or stress, we have been given different aids to bring the body back to normal. We also have exercises to get us into an attacking mood. I am always very relaxed before a game and I try to flick this attacking switch. Also, I always try to put my socks and boots on my right foot first.”

... the meaning of Werder Bremen: “Werder is a massive club with a great history. Werder has always been a big name in German football. You don't have to think much when you get an offer from such a big club. I wanted to be part of the club and I'm proud to be here.”

... his partnership with Füllkrug: “That was one of the reasons why I came here. I thought that it could work well. The fact that it clicked so quickly is of course even better. The exchanges between us are direct and honest. We are professionals. Our qualities complement each other very well. I think we implement that well in games; he brings his strengths onto the pitch and I bring mine.”

... his expectations for the game against Stuttgart: “I think Stuttgart will play with the same formation as us. That means that we know what their moves are likely to be, because we do things the same way. That's why I think it will come down to the little things. The team who make fewer mistakes will win the game."

... the atmosphere at the first home game: “I’m hoping that the ultras are still a bit annoyed about not being able to attend last week. I'm sure they'll transfer that emotion onto us and push us on. We want to implement that on the pitch. Also when we play away, I think it's always amazing how loud our fans are; that's always admirable. They’re fantastic.”

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