Werder win a fast-paced game against Wolfsburg

SVW record their first Bundesliga win in 2023

Marvin Ducksch taking a shot
SVW fought to the last minute and won 2-1 in the end
Match Report
Saturday, 28.01.2023 / 18:00

Von Sophie Eilers

On Saturday afternoon, SVW beat VfL Wolfsburg 2-1 at the wohninvest WESERSTADION. The first half started rapidly, as both SVW and Wolfsburg created lots of pressure and contributed to what was an action-packed first half. After the first minutes, in which the guests set the tone, Werder grew into the game and created good chances. Niclas Füllkrug (24’ and 77’) put the home side in front with a penalty. Werder deserved their lead largely due to winning their challenges and their bold style of play. In the second half, the fast pace continued and both teams wanted the next goal. In the end it was Füllkrug again who scored the second goal that would be enough for Werder to be victorious. The final minutes were incredibly tense again, in which Paredes made it 2-1 (90’). After ten minutes of additional time, the job was done.

Squad news: Head coach Ole Werner had to do without Leonardo Bittencourt. The 29-year-old was unavailable due to a minor cold. Jens Stage was his replacement. Christian Groß also came into the starting lineup, with Ilia Gruev moving to the bench.

Starting eleven: Pavlenka – Jung, Stark, Pieper, Stage, Ducksch, Weiser, Füllkrug, Schmidt, Friedl, Groß.

The bench: Zetterer – Burke, Veljkovic, Salifou, Dinkci, Buchanan, Gruev, Mbom, Chiarodia.

Fast-paced first half

Highlights from the first half:

1st minute: Wimmer has the first chance of the match. VfL are on the attack after winning the ball on the halfway line and create the first chance of the match. Wimmer can’t beat Pavlenka, however.

3rd minute: Werder are also getting going and are off to a good start in the other half of the pitch. Ducksch, however, misjudges a cross from Tony Jung, and the ball flies past the Wolfsburg goal.

10th minute: Niklas Schmidt and Marvin Ducksch stand over a free kick. Ducksch crosses the ball in with speed into the box, where Pieper is waiting, but he sends the ball over the bar. Pieper was, however, in an offside position.

20th minute: Jens Stage finds himself in front of Casteels and takes the ball on the volley, but the Wolfsburg keeper is up to the task. There is still a chance for Füllkrug, however, but he doesn’t hit it correctly.

24th minute: Füllkruuuuuug! Werder’s top goalscorer runs up and scores from the penalty spot to make it 1-0 to SVW. This rewards the team for a brave first half.

31st minute: Wind heads the ball in, but Wimmer was stood in an offside position. The goal is disallowed.

34th minute: Svanberg attempts a dangerous lob, but the crossbar saves SVW from conceding an equaliser.

38th minute: Groß brings the ball in from the right, and Weiser finds Füllkrug superbly, who fails to beat Casteels with a header.

43rd minute: Ducksch and Schmidt try to play through the Wolfsburg ranks and end up in front of the opponent’s goal, but Ducksch’s shot goes comfortably out of play.


Werder survive thrilling final minutes

Highlights from the second half:

55th minute: Weiser breaks in his own half and turns up the tempo. His cross to Ducksch is a good one, but Ducksch is pressed well and loses the ball.

66th minute: Gruev opens up the game for Werder and finds Weiser on the right side. He fizzes the ball in, but Füllkrug and Ducksch both miss it.

70th minute: A cross lands two yards from Füllkrug’s feet but a Wolfsburg player closes the shot down just in time. The following corner also comes to Füllkrug, who leaps and heads the ball just wide of the goal.

77th minute: Dinkci saves the ball from going out for a goal kick and plays the ball in the air to Weiser. He lays it off superbly for Füllkrug, who rockets the ball into the net!

88th minute: Dinkci is on his own and approaches Casteels from a tight angle, but hits the ball just wide of the goal.

90th minute: Kevin Paredes scores from a corner to make it 2-1 to Werder.

90th+5 minute: Handball against Wolfsburg? Casteels comes out of the penalty area and the ball bounces against his upper body. All of Bremen jumps up and appeals for a handball, but Siebert waves the appeal away.

90th+8 minute: Wolfsburg have one more dangerous chance, but Werder manage to block well.

90th+9 minute: It’s all over! Werder win 2-1 at home to Wolfsburg!

Summary: In the end, SVW won a thoroughly fast-paced encounter. Both teams had lots of good opportunities, but Werder impressed most and were both strong in their challenges and strong in belief.



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