Uwe Reinder's throw-in goal - Pfaff is flabbergasted

Goal scoring was not the only specialty of Werder striker Uwe Reinders. The forward also excelled in throw-ins like only perhaps later Schalke's Tomasz Hajto. "Uwe Reinders doesn't really seem like a footballer in his preparations. His body language, his way of holding the ball easily in his huge right hand reminds one more of a shot-putter or discus thrower, and his long run from the banner ad to the sideline more of a high jumper or long jumper. And a volleyball player would be jealous of his perfect arc and the catapult action of his upper body at the launch," described "Der Spiegel" in 2007 on the 25th anniversary of the throw-in goal.

On 21 August 1982, Reinders combined his dexterity and his slingshot into "goal throwing in the season opener against Bayern Munich. It was the 41st minute and Werder had a throw-in about 38 yards from the Bayern goal and keeper Jean-Marie Pfaff, who must have been the only one who had not heard of "Reinders' hand" as Spiegel proclaimed. Reinders throw-in ball sailed through the air and Pfaff appeared to be surprised, even got a hand on the ball, which landed in the goal. The goal was only allowed because Pfaff had touched it. And Werder won the Bundesliga opener 1-0 against Bayern on Reinders' throw-in goal.