Dutt: "The team has a gift"

21.12.2013, 16:41:21 Uhr

Santiago Garcia sets off wild celebrations after scoring the game-winner in the 1-0 victory over Leverkusen. (Photo: Getty Images).
Manager Thomas Eichin enjoyed the special moment just like everyone else but the manager was also the first to offer up a clear view of the situation. His review of the past half year in the mixed zone was accordingly matter-of-fact. "I always talked that we wanted 20 points by the break. Now it's 19. That describes our first half quite well. Even after this victory over Leverkusen, not everything is good that had not gone so optimally in the past few weeks. We played differently today than recently and are still looking for the right recipe. But the three points are good for the work which awaits us in the winter preparations," said Eichin.

Head coach Robin Dutt also knows that the team's potential has still not been met. "The result of the match doesn't influence the development plan that we were going to take one way or the other. In past weeks I never used the table as a decisive parameter. And I will not do that today. Everyone knows that we still have a lot of work ahead of us," said the coach, who was also looking forward to that work. "The team has a gift that many other teams don't have. Regardless of the setback, as a coach, you always had the feeling that everyone was ready to prepare for the next task starting Tuesday or Wednesday. That is a lot of fun. That was a hard job in the first half year, but with really good guys," added Dutt.

Eljero Elia in action during the game against Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Eljero Elia in action during the game against Bayer 04 Leverkusen.
Further reaction from the mixed zone:

Aaron Hunt: "That was a super team performance. It may not have been exactly exciting football, but we really don't want to play that way. We wanted to show a reaction and we did that against a good opponent. We knew that we could beat Leverkusen if we live up to our potential. The key to the victory was that we played very good on defence, didn't let them do much in midfield and used one of our counter attack chances. Leverkusen couldn't really do much."

Nils Petersen: "We played with a lot of passion from the back to the front. That is actually an easy means to get the fans on your side. The atmosphere was really unique and then when they showed Mainz's goal to make it 3-2 against Hamburg, all hell broke loose. We are happy about the victory. The atmosphere was fantastic. The idea is to do that every week. We need to use this match as a model for the coming tasks."

Sebastian Prödl: "We wanted to play good defence and we did that. It's a dream that it ended with the result it did. This defensive performance could be a way to get us out of our situation. Even though we were pretty far back, we always were confident that we could get our chances up front."

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