Werder end camp, test in Leer

12.07.2012, 18:59:03 Uhr

Just like in 2009, the selection from the Frisia Loga and Germania Leer clubs will play in red shirts and red shorts on Friday.
It's become a tradition that Werder Bremen make a stop in Leer/Loga after their training camp on Norderney and play a test match at the Auf den Truben sports centre. And it's happening again this year as the Green-Whites will take on a selection from the clubs SV Frisia Loga and VfL Germania Leer on Friday 13 July 2012 at 7 p.m...
Testmatch, Saison 2012/2013, 13.07.2012, Sportscentre Auf den Truben, Loga
Selection Frisia Loga/Germania Leer
Werder Bremen
Werder Bremen, first half: Vander, Naldo, Arnautovic, Fritz, Avdic, Elia, Schmitz, Hunt, Junuzovic, Kroos, Gebre Selassie.

Werder Bremen, second half: Strebinger, Ekici, Prödl, Ignjovski, Petersen, Hartherz, A. Stevanovic, P. Stevanovic, Petersen, Trinks, Füllkrug.

Selection Frisia Loga/Germania Leer, first half: Helmer, Kubin, Maguro, Heijenga, Tomaszewski, Lünemann, Maguro, Goosmann, Janssen, Plichta, Mbabie.

Selection Frisia Loga/Germania Leer, second half: Lücking, Nagra, Meinders, Bane, Ulloa-Ferreira, Groenewold, Timur, Andreesen, Sponda, Stolz, Hinz (61st Heijenga).

Goals: Elia (5th), Hunt (25th, 43rd), Naldo (41st), Arnautovic (42nd), Füllkrug (56th, 76th), Petersen (68th, 75th, 80th), Ekici (89th).

Referee: Kleen

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