„The Werder Newsmelder"
Werder.de is now offering you a completely new feature: "The Werder Newsmelder" (translated, that would be "The Werder news-notifier"). This new software is constantly keeping you up-to-date on every news from Werder. Whenever news is published on werder.de, you will get notified in almost real time by a small popup window on your desktop.

You just take a glimpse and you are informed. All this happens automatically, it is a real time-saver for you and you will be one of the first to know the latest news from Werder Bremen!

Be the first to know!

Even when you are not surfing the internet or while doing your work, using the Newsmelder you will not miss the latest news, transfers or interviews anymore. You will be the first to know.

Installing "The Werder Newsmelder" is a no-brainer. Just download the installation application and in less than 20 seconds you are ready to go. And it's completely free. Just take a look and convince yourself...


The most important features

- It's free
- no registration needed
- installing and deinstalling is easy and fast
- select/deselect the news channels you like/dislikev - the search function helps searching for more information you like
- you can add any other RSS-feeds too
- vast number of options and settings like update cycle or popup appearance

Minimum software requirements

- Windows 98 / Windows NT 4.0 or newer
- Internet Explorer 5.5 or newer
- 256 MB Ram
- Internet connection

Recommended System

- Windows XP or newer
- Internet Explorer 7
- 512 MB Ram or more
- Broadband internet connection


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