Werder Bremen 2015/16: An ideal partner!


The German Bundesliga is on the rise - nationally as well as internationally. It prides itself on both its likeability and its ability to inspire people by creating means of identification.

With the German national team winning the World Cup in Brazil, the Bundesliga has gained further value. German football has never been as popular as it is today; therefore it offers ideal conditions for regionally-, nationally- and internationally operating companies to place their brand messages within this environment. SV Werder Bremen, with its Weser-Stadium, provides the ideal platform for your brand presence!

Our club has been known for its outstanding popularity and likability ratings for many years. We have 40,000 club members; 700,000 fans visit the Weser-Stadium every season, to watch our Bundesliga team play. According to a study conducted by REPUCOM, Werder Bremen has about 5.7 million supporters in Germany.

We see ourselves as accessible and familiar, while always remaining open to the unknown. We pride ourselves on our dependability, yet are still imaginative and eager to surprise. We are composed and realistic and always hungry for success. Our goal orientation goes hand in hand with our pursuit of optimal performance.

Werder has established strong partnerships with various companies: our main sponsor WIESENHOF has its traditional roots in the Werder region and holds the claim of being the market leader in its business. Furthermore, we are proud to count nationally- and internationally operating companies like TARGOBANK, Nike, Volkswagen, EWE, AB InBev, Tipico, Coca-Cola, CEWE Print and Mondelez International as our partners. All these sponsors use the Werder Bremen platform in order to enhance their image, to increase their brand and product awareness and to benefit from the club's positive attributes, namely its likeability, reliability and continuity.

More local partners like Vilsa-Brunnen, Molkerei Ammerland and Hoyer Unternehmensgruppe cultivate their business relations and establish new contacts based on their sponsorship.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to benefit from the various possibilities, which Werder Bremen has to offer.

Best wishes

Klaus Filbry
Chairman of the Board
Director of Marketing, Management and Finance



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