Robin Dutt officially introduced

28.05.2013, 17:06:18 Uhr

Robin Dutt poses for media representative at his new working site, the coaching bench at Weser Stadium.
Robin Dutt landed with the airplane from Stuttgart at Bremen Airport at 7:21 a.m. Tuesday morning and then began his work as new head coach of SV Werder Bremen. After a short stop at Bremen's Park Hotel, where the 48-year-old coach is staying, the Cologne native headed over to his new sporting home. He took a quick look around the changing room, was given a quick guide around the stadium and had a first chat with manager Thomas Eichin before his first press conference where Dutt was officially introduced as Werder head coach.

"I am incredibly fortunate and unbelievably happy that I am back on the coaching bench. My heart just belongs on the training grounds. I realised that during my time with the DFB. And the fact that it's with a club like Werder Bremen is an absolute highlight in my life. I am euphoric," said Dutt. The 48-year-old said his new employer gives him a "positive atmosphere". "Werder is a refreshing brand in German football which always stood for good football and had high sympathy values. That makes me all the happier that I am now part of the Werder family," said Dutt.

Out early: Robin Dutt (right) was welcomed at the airport by team manager Tim Barten. Out early: Robin Dutt (right) was welcomed at the airport by team manager Tim Barten.
With full vigour for Werder
Eichin had the impression that Dutt was sympathetic towards SV Werder from the first talks. "I realised quickly that Robin really values SV Werder which meant I didn't really have to do any convincing," said the Werder manager. "I noticed after the first talks that I wanted to do this job," said Dutt. "I know that I am taking over a sensible position. Thomas Schaaf did excellent work here for 14 years. So I will approach the job with tact to integrate myself best possibly into Werder. I will not try to move into the footsteps of Thomas Schaaf but try to leave my own footprints."

Praise for Bremen
The former DFB director of sports will spend the next few days in Bremen to get settled into Werder as quickly as possible. "I will compare notes a few times with Thomas Eichin, have some appointments and push forward with the roster planning. In addition, I will do an extensive video analysis to give me a better impression of every individual player," said Dutt.

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