Akpala feels welcome

09.10.2012, 16:06:09 Uhr

Werder striker Joseph Akapala answers journalistsí questions Tuesday morning.
Striker Joseph Akpala was confronted Tuesday morning with statements by Kevin De Bruyne which appeared Monday in a Belgian newspaper and read: "Joseph needs warmth. I think he has the same feeling as I do. ... I miss the warmth and atmosphere ...".

But the goal scorer from the Freiburg match did not to agree. "Everyone can have their opinion, but this one does not match my assessment. I have felt welcome at Werder from the first day on," said Akpala. When asked about what could have led to De Bruyne's statements, Akpala said he has no ill will for his teammate. "It's only natural that you want to integrate yourself as quickly as possible from the first day on. But then you also feel that it should go quicker. But there were no problems out of the ordinary. To be honest, I have been here six weeks and we really have taken the right direction. Off the pitch we get along better and better. The team is beginning to really grow together," said Akpala.

The striker did not want to provide his assessment of the play on the pitch. "I have only played two matches from the start, so I cannot say that much. But the fact is that in training I have the feeling that I understand better what the team expects from me and how I can help them. I definitely need to work a lot more," said Akpala.

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