''A black day''

06.10.2012, 10:12:48 Uhr

Werder players look for answers after their bitter 3-1 loss in Augsburg Friday night.
While FC Augsburg were celebrating their first victory of the season with their fans, SV Werder's players left the pitch looking for answers. The Green-Whites had just lost 3-1 against the last-placed team - and that fully deservedly respective of the very poor performance. "We apparently were not prepared for what was waiting for us today. And we were not willing for a single second to play as hard as FC Augsburg, who played with full motivation and dedication. That was a completely failed match," said manager Klaus Allofs after the defeat. Head coach Thomas Schaaf was also disappointed after the 3-1 loss. "We know that the team can play very differently. We are not satisfied with the performance. Seven points - we wanted that in a different way," said the coach. Allofs added that the match was symbolic for the current situation at SV Werder. "The match today shows our situation. We receive a lot of praise and some have problems assessing that correctly. And today, that was an error in judgement. We played against a team fighting for their existence and we thought we could just come here and play a bit of football on a Friday night. That doesn't work. Every game in the Bundesliga is a fight, regardless if you're playing FC Bayern or FC Augsburg. You cannot win a match like this," said Allofs.

Here more reaction from the mixed zone after the Augsburg match at SGL Arena:

Clemens Fritz: "We were not aggressive enough, did not go into the challenges very well and could not find any answers up front. In the back, we made things too easy for Augsburg, just allowed them too much space and made many simple mistakes which we must correct."

Thomas Schaaf: "We were too passive and let the opponents get away with things. Augsburg were more determined in the challenges and closer to the ball. We could not push them away and bring their game out of order. In addition, we kept making mistakes in our passing game. We didn't play with enough resolve to cause them problems. We cannot win in the manner we played today."

Aaron Hunt: "We just let the player cross all alone from the wing and in the middle the guy has no one around him. These mistakes then get us out of our rhythm. I cannot explain why it happens. If we invite our opponents to a goal like that after just a minute then we cannot complain that we lose. We have to make sure that we consistently play well and keep up the concentration from the first to the 90th minute."

Klaus Allofs: "We were out of our game from the first minute on. We didn't know where we were. We conceded the 1-0 goal without the opponents even having any body contact with us yet. Some of the players must ask themselves how to persevere in the Bundesliga. This way is definitely not enough."
Sebastian Mielitz: "That was a black day for us. The 3-1 loss speaks volumes. Now we need to quickly forget this game."


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