From boarding school to professional football

03.10.2012, 11:20:30 Uhr

The 19-year-old Niclas Füllkrug can look back on six years with Werder Bremen.
Niclas Füllkrug is living the life many youngsters dream of. The 19-year-old left Hanover at 13 for SV Werder Bremen and spent a number of years living in the club's boarding school in the East Curve of Weser Stadium. Eight months ago, the talented striker finally made the big jump and signed a professional contract until 2015. And Füllkrug has been on the roster for every game this season except for the Freiburg match, which he missed due to injury.

Füllkrug, who is nicknamed "Lücke" ("Hole") by Werder fans, has played in Werder's Green-Whites for the past six years. But the talented striker received his first offer from Werder when he was 10 years old before transferring to Bremen three years later. "I looked at a lot of clubs but I liked Werder the most. SV Werder also worked the hardest to bring me in and found me a spot in the boarding school," said Füllkrug. In addition, the club regularly contacted him and invited him to the club's matches. "I felt in my heart that I became part of Werder immediately," added the striker, who says he feels "extremely comfortable" in Bremen and within the team.

Niclas Füllkrug celebrates with his attacking partner Marko Arnautovic. Niclas Füllkrug celebrates with his attacking partner Marko Arnautovic.
Füllkrug's time in the Werder boarding school really shaped him. Early on, he was excited about everything, like most boarding school pupils. But over the years, he began longing for his family and friends. "There are many things you have to give up when you go this route. But I always say it was an exciting time. I met a lot of new friends with whom I am still friends," recalled the young professional. Füllkrug made the jump to the Bundesliga team in the winter break of last season. And now it's hard to imagine a Green-Whites roster without Werder's No. 41.

Füllkrug has also become a crucial member of Germany's U19 national team with four goals in four matches. Things could hardly be going better. And when asked if his biggest dream was to score goals, Füllkrug gave the simple answer: "Yeah."
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