Pizarro: “That was a moving moment”

30.09.2012, 08:43:34 Uhr

Claudio Pizarro was given an official farewell on Saturday at Weser Stadium after having scored 89 goals in 159 Bundesliga matches for SV Werder.
When one player is so celebrated from two fan groups who will not be forming a fan friendship in the near future, then he left a pretty big impression on both. At his official farewell, Claudio Pizarro was given one more chance to be sung to from fans in all four stands of the stadium and was handed a bouquet of flowers on the pitch by the Werder management in the middle of a sea of camera flashes.

"That was a moving moment, even when you are concentrating on the game in the minutes before the game. Especially when it's a special matchup of the two clubs who will always remain something special for me," said "Piza" after the match.

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