Akpala goal brings Werder back into game

27.09.2012, 09:23:09 Uhr

Kevin De Bruyne and Zlatko Junuzovic congratulate Joseph Akpala on his first goal in the Bundesliga.
Joseph Akpala made his first start for Werder Bremen count as he helped his unsettled team find their way back into game with his first goal in the Bundesliga. "It was really difficult for him. That wasn't the kind of game where strikers can shine. There were hardly any chances to make a difference," said Werder manager Klaus Allofs, who also praised his striker. "In the one situation there was, he was really alert and scored the goal. That's why we brought him in. That is also the quality of a striker." The Nigerian was pleased with the encouragement. And he knew that his goal helped the team get back into the game. "It was of course a great feeling to help the team with the goal. I think it was important. The equaliser gave us more energy," said Akpala.

Here more reaction from the Freiburg mixed zone:

Clemens Fritz: "Those were some very important points today. I hope it starts a stretch of better results."
The equaliser! Akpala's score to make it 1-1 was also his first Bundesliga goal.

Klaus Allofs: "This victory allows us to breathe a little easier. Now we can really enjoy the game against Bayern (Munich). We must correct our mistakes though because Bayern will punish them mercilessly. But I am confident that it will be a very different match. Bayern are the clear favourites after their recent results. We can really relax. I am looking forward to what the team can do in this situation."

Aaron Hunt: "We must improve against FC Bayern, but we will get it done. We will present ourselves in fine fashion at home. Bayern are strong and had a great start to the season. Let's wait and see if that continues on the weekend. We will concentrate on them intensively starting tomorrow. I am certain that the coach will have some good ideas."

Sebastian Prödl: "It wasn't a surprise for me. It was an away match and Freiburg pushed forward with all they had, gambling everything on a single card. We could not hold them off. You cannot prevent every chance. In the end, it was extremely exciting, but I was relatively calm. The team really went after it and fought hard. We missed some of that against Stuttgart and we proved today that we learned from that."

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