''Geh' deinen Weg'' logo on chest

14.09.2012, 07:22:03 Uhr

All 18 Bundesliga teams will play this weekend with the logo of the “Geh’ Deinen Weg” (“Go Your Way”) campaign on their chest.
When Werder Bremen take on Hannover in their away match on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. the teams will not have their usual sponsor logos on their jerseys. Instead, Werder and the other Bundesliga clubs will wear the logo of the "Geh' Deinen Weg" ("Go Your Way") campaign to help support the promotion of integration in Germany. The game balls of the Bundesliga will also have the logo of the initiative on them.

The initiative was started by the Germany Foundation for Integration, the foundation from the Association of German Magazine Publishers. The goal is to sensitize the general public on the issue of integration while providing successful examples and creating a network between various protagonists. A peaceful existence in Germany should be based on tolerance, mutual respect and the diverse chances that Germany offers.

The action day "Geh' Deinen Weg" ("Go Your Way") is supported by the German Football League (DFL) and includes the support of all 18 jersey sponsors from the Bundesliga teams. It's the second time in Bundesliga history following the campaign "Mein Freund ist Ausländer" ("My Friend is a Foreigner") in 1992 that the league is using its unique platform to promote integration and the importance of peaceful coexistence. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the campaign's patron.


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