Miele Interview: "Marko also goes up for headers now"

31.08.2012, 20:51:52 Uhr

Werder keeper Sebastian Mielitz is directing his front men around with the No. 1 on his back.
Shortly before the Green-Whites' home opener against Hamburg, WERDER.DE spoke with Sebastian Mielitz, the new number one in Werder's goal.

Miele, thanks a lot that you took some time for this chat. You look to be in a good mood. But sorry I would like to ask you about a less-than-nice date. Do you still remember what happened on 19 February 2011?
Sebastian Mielitz (thinking): "No, I cannot really remember."

I will give you three hints: North Derby, Hamburg, Wiese replacement. You remember now?
Sebastian Mielitz: "Oh yeah, it was the Bundesliga showdown at Hamburg. I can vaguely remember the game. We were unlucky in losing 4-0 (grins). It was my first North Derby and I have done my best to forget the result."

Sebastian Mielitz has sketchy memories of his first North Derby as Werder lost 4-0 in Hamburg. Sebastian Mielitz has sketchy memories of his first North Derby as Werder lost 4-0 in Hamburg.
About one and a half years have passed. What has changed for you since then?
Sebastian Mielitz: "Back then I was the back-up goalkeeper. Tim had gotten injured or was suspended. Now I am the goalkeeper who plays. That shows that my work in the meantime and even in the years before that was not that bad."

One gets the impression more and more that the mood in the team is really good. Why is that?
Sebastian Mielitz: "Marko (Arnautovic) also goes up for headers now (laughs). The atmosphere and the camaraderie have changed in the team. It's a lot friendlier and more open between us. Everyone gives their all. Also the new players have been integrated quickly, which has surprised me. I don't see any negatives at the moment.

What is possible on Saturday?
Sebastian Mielitz: "The coach has prepared us well this week for Hamburg. I sense that the players are burning for this game. We want to excite the fans. Whenever the fans push us in Weser Stadium it's really fun for us, but also for them. With the fans behind us, it will certainly be a good match. We want to gain three points."

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