Twitter chat a big success

Having fun: Niclas Füllkrug answers Werder fans’ questions on Twitter.
The Twitter live chat with Niclas Füllkrug on Wednesday was a full success with 130 questions and about 50 answers in 30 minutes. "I am really surprised with how many questions were asked. I really had a lot of fun communicating with the fans in this way and I will certainly recommend the live chat to my teammates," said Füllkrug. "The fans came up with some interesting questions. It's too bad that I could not answer them all." WERDER.DE was on hand during the chat and noted the best questions and their answers.

@PsyKater: What do you like to eat most for lunch? 
Niclas Füllkrug: I really like spaghetti Bolognese

@Gordonzolar: How do you feel after the first summer preparations with the professionals? Somewhat tired?
Niclas Füllkrug: Really good. We did a lot but I think that I am fit

@chylski: Your favourite position? :)
Niclas Füllkrug: I like playing central attacker the most

Niclas Füllkrug answered questions on Werder’s official Twitter channel @werderbremen. Niclas Füllkrug answered questions on Werder’s official Twitter channel @werderbremen.
@La_del_Prado: Where would you definitely like to travel to one time?
Niclas Füllkrug: My dream destination is the Maldives

@RobStarNr23: I want to see you for 90 minutes against BVB! Think it could happen?
Niclas Füllkrug: From my side, sure, but let's see how the coach lines us up...

@Weseresk: Can we expect you along the fencing after the derby win on game-day 2 so that we can welcome you?
Niclas Füllkrug: Only if I score and you call me :)

@strobbelo: What are you doing this Friday night about 10:20 p.m.?
Niclas Füllkrug: I hope that I board the bus with three points in our bags and am in a good mood

@666_eldiablo: Has it already been clarified with the ladies at the beer stand that we can order by just turning around in your jersey? (Füllkrug meaning full pitcher)
Niclas Füllkrug: Haha! Not yet, but I definitely have to do that :)

@ThisElevator: Doesn't it sometimes bother you that you are always called "Lücke" ("Hole")?
Niclas Füllkrug: No, I don't have any problem with that. I think that the hole just is part of me and suits me...

@DennisEbermann: Weser Stadium sold out and winning goal in 90th minute. How does that sound? :-)
Niclas Füllkrug: Sensational

@Baschdl7x2: Is there someone on the team who is a real clown or one who helps the others with his good mood?
Niclas Füllkrug: Yeah, me! ;)

@PaddyJJ16: In which stadium is the best atmosphere?
Niclas Füllkrug: In Weser Stadium of course. ;)

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