Interview with Werder management:

10.08.2012, 20:37:25 Uhr

The management of SV Werder Bremen: Klaus-Dieter Fischer, Klaus Allofs and Klaus Filbry.
Mr. Allofs, Mr. Filbry and Mr. Fischer, Werder Bremen have a new main sponsor. The players will go into their test match against Aston Villa with the Wiesenhof logo on their shirts. How important is this decision for the Green-Whites?

Management: We are very happy that we found such a strong partner that first of all comes from the Werder land but also is very connected to the region and like Werder has international ambitions. Together with our marketing partner Infront, which was given the task of finding a new main sponsor, we were able to make a deal which nears the level of our previous partnership with TARGOBANK. That is a big success.

In the past days, the criticism had gotten loud against the now sealed partnership. You announced a responsible decision for a partner which fits to Werder.

Management: And we stand behind that. We decided for Wiesenhof after intensive talks with the leaders about the company, its motivation and goals. We know that opposed to public perception Wiesenhof is a down-to-earth family company in the third generation which discusses all issues openly regarding criticism of modern livestock farming and is working continually on improving the state of the animals and accept an important societal task - producing foods.

Foods that some Werder fans reject?

Management: We know that and we respect that kind of attitude, just like we expect the respect of other opinions of this issue. The discussion surrounding our new partner will become very emotional. We just hope for an objective debate.

How does Wiesenhof fit to Werder?

Management: Just like it was downplayed in the public, Wiesenhof has more to offer than some think. The mission statement of the company includes ideas such as ecological and sustainable thinking, responsible treatment, an open dialogue, security and trust for the customers as well as an appreciation and respect for the workers. These fit into the fundamental principles of SV Werder Bremen. Through Werder, Wiesenhof would like to shift the focus onto these points.


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