"Delete Munich from GPS"

19.07.2012, 11:33:45 Uhr

Nils Petersen looks back satisfied on the first two weeks of preparations. I have not regretted my decision.
Nils Petersen has survived well his first couple of weeks with the Green-Whites. One day before the match against his former club Energie Cottbus, he used the chance for a brief general description. WERDER.DE also went through the most important questions with him.

Nils, from Munich to Bremen - how did the first few days go?
NILS PETERSEN: The start was very good. It is also important to show in the first test matches that you want to score goals, can score goals. The team-mates should see right away that they can rely on you. I showed that, but nothing more.

What does your role look like?
NILS PETERSEN: At the moment, the 4-3-3 system is up-and-coming so we will have to learn another system so that we are flexible. But in all systems it's my duty as the man up front to steer the game as the first defender, create goal chances and use goal chances. I am also dependent on my team-mates but I also have a very good feeling there.

"We are a young team that has a lot of fun." "We are a young team that has a lot of fun."
What other differences are there to FC Bayern?
NILS PETERSEN: There are not a lot. They are at Lake Garda instead of Zillertal. But they can sleep in until 9 a.m. while things start for us at 7 a.m. (laughs). But I also still have contact with some of them and then always send a text message after waking up.

Today is the game against Energie Cottbus. Tension or anticipation?
NILS PETERSEN: Clearly anticipation. It's not a match in the league so the tension is not that high. I still have many positive contacts in Cottbus, lots of friends. Of course I definitely want to score.

Have you already dealt with the situation that you have to go back to Munich after a good season?
NILS PETERSEN: It states in the contract that I will transfer back on 30 June. But where I will play in a year's time is dependent on many factors. Therefore I am not even thinking about next year. My wish is to score as many goals as possible. That is also a factor that has a big influence. If I only score five goals this season then I don't need to go back to Bayern. Then I can delete Munich from my GPS.

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