Elia Interview - Looking forward to Werder

10.07.2012, 12:49:06 Uhr

The moment of his arrival on Norderney: Elero Elia joined the team Monday afternoon.
It finally happened Tuesday morning. Eljero Elia was part of Werder Bremen. The Dutchman with Suriname roots is the sixth new acquisition for Werder for this season and is expected to help Bremen's attack. WERDER.DE interviewed the 25-year-old.

Hello Eljero, welcome to Werder Bremen. Despite numerous other officers, you decided for SVW. What made the difference?
Eljero Elia: I actually had a number of offers from England and the Bundesliga. But I decided for Werder because I had a very good feeling. The talks with Klaus Allofs and Thomas Schaaf convinced me. Besides, Werder is an offensively-minded team which fits me. Just everything fit together better than the rest.

WERDER.DE accompanied the new acquisition to the medical check-up. WERDER.DE accompanied the new acquisition to the medical check-up.
On the second game day you will take part in the North Derby against your former club, Hamburg. Will that be a special match for you?
Eljero Elia: I am looking forward to every match in the Bundesliga. The stadiums are always full and there is always a great atmosphere. But of course the match against Hamburg will be a special game. I played for two years in Hamburg and still have contact to some players such as Dennis Aogo, Bruma and Gökhan Töre.

You are likely looking forward to one teammate especially. At Werder you will meet up with Marko Arnautovic, who you know from your time with Twente Enschede.
Eljero Elia: Marko is a friend of mine. We did a lot together and still have regular contact. When I played in Hamburg, Marko came often to visit. I am happy to play with him again.

In Enschede, you had a successful time. What do you intend for your time with Werder?
Eljero Elia: I would like to help that we play internationally next season. Werder belong in a European competition. In addition, I would like to do my part that we play offensive and attractive football - Werder stand for that.


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